How do I import bank transactions from Wave to Zoho Books?

Currently, it is not possible to migrate bank transactions directly from Wave to Zoho Books.

However, to bringing the income and expenses associated with the bank account in Wave, you can add the bank account manually in Zoho Books and import the bank statement.

First, you’ll have to export the bank statement from your bank’s website and import it directly to Zoho Books or, you can connect your bank account for automatic feeds.

Once you have imported the bank statement to Zoho Books, you can match and categorise them. If the transactions are already recorded in Zoho Books, you can match it with the respective deposit and withdrawal statements. If the transactions are yet to be recorded, you can categorize it which will create a transaction instantly in Zoho Books and associate the statement with it. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Banking module from the left side bar.
  • Select the bank that has uncategorised transactions.
  • Go to the Uncategorised transactions section and select the statement line that you want to categorise.
  • Click Categorise Manually from the right side pane.
  • Categorise the transaction by entering and selecting the details and click Save.

If there are multiple transactions that need to be categorised based on certain criteria, under a specific account, you can use transaction rules to automatically recognise the transactions. Once recognised, these transactions will be available under the Recognise Transaction tab in the Banking module. You can now categories these transactions using the Bulk Categorise option.

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