Time Tracking

Taking control of time

Time is one of our most valuable resources, yet often overlooked. In a given day, you need to know how much time is at hand and what goals are to be accomplished. Otherwise, when you're done for the day, you end up wondering why you have accomplished so less. By identifying the exact time spent on tasks, you can quickly find areas of improvement and budget your time. This makes you feel more responsible and helps you cut down on wasted time. Fortunately, there is a easy way to use time wisely.

Why do I need a time tracking tool?

If you use a time tracking tool, you can clearly define how you would be spending your time. For example, you define that for the next couple of hours you will work on fixing the code flaws. Once you start the timer, the time tracker will start recording the time you spend on that task. Since you have a clear purpose in mind, you stay focused and you are unlikely to be distracted.

This is how a simple time tracking software makes it easy for you to monitor your progress throughout the day. Furthermore, it allows you to easily run reports and bill your clients for payments using the timesheet data.

Benefits of a time tracking software

  • Work out the quickest possible time in which a project can be completed.
  • Record actual hours against your projects which enables you to identify slipping deadlines.
  • Gain insights about time spent which helps to maximize billable and minimize non-billable hours.
  • Available to your project team anywhere, anytime from any internet enabled computer.
  • Track your employee working times across projects and manage payroll processing.
  • Identify and reduce time spent on non-productive tasks.