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Zoho Projects has been awarded the best time tracking software for small and growing teams

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Zoho Projects is ranked as one of the top 13 time tracking software

Key features of a time tracking tool

Here are some of the key features of a time tracking tool:

  • Recording time

    The ability to log timesheets and capture details that are relevant to the work done helps you keep track of your project progress.

  • Billing

    Recording the billable and non-billable hours will help organizations track their employees' work hours to pay them accordingly.

  • Invoicing

    A project time tracking software should be able to easily generate invoices based on the logged, billable hours for payroll processing or client payments.

  • Approvals

    Based on your organizational structure, you should be able to set up a manager or an executive director to approve or reject the timesheet entries.

  • Automatic timers

    Automatic timers that are easily accessible and can be paused and stopped to record the time spent on each of your tasks makes work efficient.

  • Planned vs Actual

    Planning your time and comparing it with the actual progress will help in analyzing delays and taking corrective measures.

  • Calendar

    The spread of all your work items over a shared team calendar and syncing it to your personal calendar is an effective feature to have in a time tracking software.

Why do project teams need time tracking software?

Here are some of the reasons why you project teams require time tracking software:

  • To optimize work hours so that they don't miss deadlines
  • To log and keep track of billable and non-billable hours
  • To analyze and run reports using the logged data to improve planning
  • To invoice clients or run employee payroll
  • To analyze payment history
  • To measuring the team's productivity and efficiency in working together

Who uses online time tracking software?

Online time tracking software can be used by anyone looking to measure the effort they put into getting work done. From freelancers measuring the time taken on individual projects to large organizations measuring employee productivity, time tracking tools are used for a wide range of operations. Such software has two main functions:

Measuring progress

To track time so that individual or team effort put into a particular work item can be measured. This acts as an indicator of how much progress has been made by estimating the total time that's required to get a task done.

Measuring productivity

To track time so that employees' productivity can be measured by an organization. Employee time tracking software is a way to keep everyone in a team account ratingCount-ab their efforts.

How does time tracking software work?

Let's see how to set up and use a time tracking software:

How does time tracking software work
  • After creating an account ratingCount-, clients to the platform.
  • If you want to measure time in terms of projects or tasks, record the necessary details in the tool and assign them to the relevant members.
  • Log time using timesheets either every day or on a weekly/ monthly basis. Automatic timers if available can be used to log time as and when work gets done.
  • To follow organizational hierarchy, set up approvals so that managers can approve or reject timesheet entries.
  • Collate the timesheet entries to generate invoices and bill them to clients.
  • Generate reports of timesheet data to analyze data and improve productivity.

How do I choose a time tracking tool?

Depending on your organization, nature of work and industry, the requirements you look for in a time tracking tool can vary. Here are some factors to consider:

01. Organizational size

A simple time tracker may support only up to a certain number of users. If you're a large organization, you may lean towards an enterprise time tracking software.

02. Industry

There are several tools that cater to specific fields like construction or education. If you're looking for a time tracker in conjunction with project management, such tools could be a better option.

03. Platform

Depending on how your organization functions, you can choose a desktop version, cloud-based tool, or mobile apps.

04. Integrations

It's important that the time tracking tool you purchase fit in with your existing work ecosystem. Look for integrations that connect with your everyday office tools.

Benefits of using a time tracking software

  • Online time tracking allows you to access timesheets from anywhere and at any time with a simple web browser in a secure way.
  • Employee time tracking lets you record your actual working hours against your projects which enables you to identify deadlines.
  • Analyze payment history, notify new invoices, save time, and collect money.
  • User-friendly interface to log and track time spent on a task. It's a simple way to perform time tracking for teams.
  • Get information about time spent which helps to maximize the billable and minimize the non-billable hours. This can even be done using a free time tracking tool.

What is the best free time tracking tool?

Zoho Projects offers online time tracking functionalities to streamline the performance of a project, calculate time spent on tasks, export timesheet data in the desired format, and send invoices for client payments. It's a comprehensive project management solution that can help you manage not only your time, but also your work as a whole. It also offers a free trial!

project management time tracking software

With work from home increasingly becoming the new norm, time tracking is essential to not only maintain productivity but also to measure our progress. The best, of course, implies usage from anywhere and anytime so that distributed and remote teams can access the software. Here are some other features that make Zoho Projects the best:

Track time with ease.

Timesheets can record the start and end time of tasks, or just the duration. It contains a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project which aids in time management. You can log details of each task and track them all from a single place in our free time tracking software.

project management and time tracking software

Record billing hours.

Time spent on tasks, which is billed per working hour per day are billable hours and time spent on tasks that cannot be billed are non-billable hours. In our project time tracking software, you can choose the users, duration and the billing status, based on which the timesheet entry will be generated.

best time tracking software

Export timesheet in various formats.

Export all your timesheet data as xls or csv in a single click and send them to your clients or project managers to catch a glimpse of the completed tasks for subsequent billing, payroll or project cost estimation. You can also export your timesheet as a pdf file in our online time tracking tool.

employee time tracking software free

Create invoices and bill your clients.

Create invoices from timesheet and send it for client payments or employee payrolls using our online time tracking software. You can load all your timesheet data into Zoho Invoice using the Create Invoice option available in the Invoices & Expenses tab.

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"With Zoho, you can smoothly track projects and each team member can easily book their time against various tasks. Zoho makes it effortless to dimension future projects."

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