Zoho Projects Support Plans

Zoho Projects accounts come with Classic support by default.

Please contact sales@zohocorp.com to sign up for Premium support.

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20% of org license fee

Email Supportsupport@zohoprojects.comsupport@zohoprojects.com
Live Chat8 hours (Monday - Friday)24 hours (Monday - Friday)
Toll-free Support8 hours (Monday - Friday)24 hours (Monday - Friday)
Remote Assistance-Yes
Product Onboarding-yes
Maximum First Response Time8 hours (Monday - Friday)3 hours (Monday - Friday)
Access to Zoho's help documentation and articles.Knowledge Baseyesyes
Post questions and share tips with the Zoho community.Community Forumsyesyes
A place to view all your tickets, raise new support requests, and get answers from product experts.Customer Portalyesyes
Min Number of Users125
Subscription PeriodMonthly or AnnualMonthly or Annual
EditionAll plansPremium or enterprise
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Maximum First Response TimeProduct Onboarding

What is Maximum First Response TimeProduct Onboarding

It is the time taken by the support rep to send the first response to the ticket received for the customer. The first response will not be an auto-acknowledgement. Instead, the rep will go through the ticket and send an appropriate response.

It is a program where the customer success member from Zoho Projects helps the customer get acquainted with the features of the product and guides them in making better use of the product, all through remote/screen-sharing sessions.