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The field of project management has always been dynamic in this ever-changing world. The nature of projects will further undergo a change in the post COVID era. Many leaders have pointed out that Covid-19 is a warning message from nature. Accordingly, all projects would have to be aligned with the principles of sustainable development. In other words, re-purposing projects will gain momentum.  What may have worked earlier may not work now. Technologies that encourage cloud-collaborations would emerge. Employees and customers will be widely dispersed in their respective locations. In order to meet varied demands on a 24X7 basis, organizations would be required to quickly adopt and scale cloud-based applications. This calls for quickly adapting to change and innovation on-the-go.

Speaker: Debashis Sen, IAS

Mr. Debashis Sen joined the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) in 1985.  He graduated from Presidency College,Kolkata and got his post-M.Sc. Diploma from Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.  He got his Diploma in Public Administration from ENA, France.  He has been trained at the JFK School, Harvard University and IMF Institute, Washington D.C., USA.

Mr. Sen has served in various capacities including District Magistrate for more than five years, Chief Electoral Officer for five years and Secretary IT&E Department Govt of West Bengal for three years.

He is presently posted as the Chairman-Managing Director, WBHIDCO which is a government company that has developed New Town, Kolkata, a Smart City.  He is also the Chairman of Naba Diganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA) at Sector 5 Salt Lake.

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