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Gunther has given the topic of ‘performance’ in a world of Scrum quite some thought, to conclude that “Engagement is the key.” Given that employees who are engaged actually care a lot more (about team, customer and enterprise outcomes), engagement is the biggest untapped potential for organizations to optimize for the most valuable outcomes. “Team Engagement” is the most ignored aspect of ‘value’, yet one where huge gains can be made to increase the ability to deliver value. Gunther will connect this to the past work he did with Ken Schwaber (while at on the Agility Path and Evidence-Based Management frameworks.

Speaker: Gunther Verheyen


Gunther Verheyen is a longtime Scrum practitioner (since 2003). After a longstanding career as a consultant, he partnered with Ken Schwaber, co- creator of Scrum, and Director of the Professional Scrum series at–2016). Nowadays, Gunther engages with people and organizations as an independent Scrum Caretaker, on a journey of humanizing the workplace with Scrum.

References from the presentation:

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