About SMT

SMT is a global engineering solutions and services provider, dedicated to providing leading engineers with the expertise and tools to deliver innovative drive line technology. Operating in the automotive, energy, marine, off-highway and military sectors for 16 years, SMT is proud of its history, products, reputation and customer base.

What tools were you using to manage your work before Zoho?

Microsoft Excel.

What do you use Zoho Projects for? What are the most used features?

Engineering consultancy projects. Having a large team of engineers, I needed a tool which would allow me to set work orders quickly and track the progress of tasks and projects in one place, while also letting me make changes to timescales and plans whenever necessary. We generally set up a project in Microsoft Project, and then import the data into Zoho Projects and run the project from there on a day-to-day basis.

We love the timesheet feature! It allows us to forecast and monitor costs correctly and to provide clients with accurate billing information. Even without an intricate knowledge of each project, I am still able to identify the status quickly, recognize issues and make any required changes to the plan.

What impact has Zoho Projects made on your team and company?

Accuracy of data has improved. Project planning and execution is controlled, yet open to all who require visibility. It is a great product at a great price.

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