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Progexia helps deliver web sites, and was founded 15 years back. We also give courses in project management and website management.

Challenges before Zoho.

We used Microsoft Projects for a while, but found it to be way too complex for our needs.

How has Zoho impacted your business?

We use Zoho Projects for both project management and bug tracking. Before Zoho, following up with clients and partners was a tedious process. I had to hire someone to help me with administration tasks, so that I could focus on the projects. However, when I began working with Zoho, I saved so much time that I no longer needed a person to help me out. I could take care of everything myself.

Every year, I evaluate many project management and bug tracking tools for clients. Even if I present 4-5 apps to them, I still stick with Zoho Projects for my own use because it is the best solution available an such an excellent cost.

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