About LeaseEagle

LeaseEagle is a leading real estate management solution for retail chains, servicing users in over fifty countries.

What tools were you using to manage your work before Zoho?

Our primary use of Zoho Projects is to manage customer implementations. Prior to using Zoho, we managed our work via Excel, which was tedious, time consuming and non-collaborative.

What do you use Zoho Projects for? What are your favorite features?

Using Zoho Projects has transformed the way our business manages customer implementation projects. Once we define the processes that we want to follow, we create task list templates, and fully set up a project plan and schedule tasks in less than 15 minutes. We can then deliver a detailed Gantt chart of the project to the customer and use that as a part of the project updates and reports. By adding customers as project users, they have visibility and are more confident in our delivery of the project.

How has Zoho impacted your business?

With Zoho, we've been able to achieve four times the number of simultaneous implementations with the same head count, improving revenue, profitability and employee well-being.

Keep up the magnificent work there at Zoho. You guys are on a mission and are delivering greatness!

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