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1 year experience, amazing, easy, I recomend Zoho Projects. Today we close 400 projects with it #ManyHappyProjects


#ManyHappyProjects We are very happy with zoho projects. Our international team is finally collaborating more effectively.

#ManyHappyProjects Zoho projects is one of the most functional Project Management tools I have worked on.

Baroon Bikas@baroonbikas

Woah, just gave a trial run of Zoho projects.. Mind blown!! How are competitors like Basecamp and many others more famous? has a nice web interface you could use to manage your projects. Clean interface, creating milestones, gantt charts etc.

Dion Segijn@DionSegijn

Signed up for #Zoho Project Management Software, never looking back, what an awesome program : Zoho

W5 Designs@W5WebDesigns

As a company we're moving towards using @zoho projects and it's awesome. Such a simple intuitive tool.

Chris Pollara@Cpollara

Zoho Projects has it all! Easy to learn and use, great features, fully integrated and amazing value. A SMB's dream :) #ManyHappyProjects

Nick Buttar@nickbuttar

New @zohoprojects UI? Sooo much better than the old one! Love it! #projectmanagement


So Many Happy Projects with Zoho Project Management, seriously check them out if you manage projects! #ManyHappyProjects


Every minute I spend at ZOHO Projects I find out more functionality that will make our process better and easier and our employees happier


I think Zoho Projects wins hands-down for free, collaborative, online project software. RSS feeds, tags, bunch of other stuff.

Barbara Schroeder@boisebarbara

Die halbe Nacht @JIRA getested. Dieses Tool ist ein Monster, aber ich befürchte zu monströs für unsere Projekte. @zohoprojects bleibt Nr. 1 [ English Translation ] Half the night @ JIRA tested. This tool is a monster, but I fear too monstrous for our projects. @ Zohoprojects remains No. 1.


Struggling to break a project down into tasks and to prioritise them? Check out @zoho projects. The Web and Android app are really cool.

Innove Solutions@InnoveSolutions

Nice change to your UI @zohoprojects - it's an incremental improvement because it's already THAT good.

Erik Wind@ebwind

I have tried all types of PM software - nothing is better than zoho projects for managing my work and my team #ManyHappyProjects

Natasha Golinsky @natashagolinsky

Using Zoho Projects we have had #ManyHappyProjects and are able to control much better the use of our time and cost of projects.

Playing around with @ZohoProjects. Beats the heck out of Basecamp from a management standpoint. Global project calendars ftw.

Sam Coren@samcoren

Stop the planet! Has anyone realised how great Zoho Projects is? Dynamic calendar updates and Google Calendar sync. Class!


Zoho Projects was simply a game changer for my team. This is what worked the best for us.

Ann Premazon@AnnPremazon

I'm officially convinced that #Zoho is better than #Basecamp!