About FineLine Weddings.

FineLine offers wedding services in Pittsburgh PA including photography, DJ, photo booth, and videography. We also operate a portrait studio for high school seniors.

Challenges before Zoho Projects.

Unfortunately before we discovered Zoho we were trying to do our project operations off memory. But even projects that are done day after day need proper standardization and the ability to follow a task list. Zoho Projects literally changed our business and allowed us to hire new team members and grow the number of clients we could handle.

The Zoho Solution.

Our entire weddings operations runs through Zoho Projects. From the time we receive a contract from a client, everything runs through standardized task lists. Processing contracts, setting up client payment reminders, social media tasks, the wedding planning process, and the entire editing and delivery after the wedding. Every single task is standardized through task lists.

Impact of Zoho Projects.

The biggest impact we had from Zoho Projects was ensuring that every single client received the exact same level and quality of service. The tasks lists made sure we never forgot a project's task, whether small or large. We could not have achieved the level of success we've had in our market without Zoho Projects.