1. How did you first hear about Zoho Projects?

While searching for on-line project management tools in Google

2. Have you tried any project management tool in the past? If yes, name it and how was the experience? How has Zoho Projects improved over it?

I used the Microsoft Project 2003 with Project Server trial versions in other organizations. However, in our present case we needed a quick on-line tool for our academic purpose. Zoho offered a direct way to use the tool without any configuration, make easy the process of teaching for undergraduates. Moreover, the features in the tool supports many concepts of software project management, useful in many development teams.

3. How many people in your organization are using Zoho Projects?

25 graduates and 1 teacher

4. How many projects are you currently managing using Zoho Projects?

Six software projects for academic purpose.

5. How are you using Zoho Projects? What parts do you use most ? Have you used Zoho Projects in ways you hadn't anticipated?

The tool was used in totality. The set of activities was assigned for undergraduates who undertake pratical tasks in academic software projects. The students use the respository of files, the forum to discuss their progress & get feedback and Gantt charts to follow and control the project development.

6. How has collaboration and productivity improved among your team members and co-workers using Zoho Projects?

Fast communication, file sharing and all-project visibility to the whole project team.

7. What is the impact of Zoho Projects on you / your clients ?

A new approach to project management and a cool & easy technique to follow for undergraduates.

8. Thanks for participating. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks to Zoho Projects for helping a Brazilian faculty and undergraduates. All the Zoho tools have an easy learning curve and Zoho Projects does a nice job with professional project management.