A Little about Aalborg

AAU is one of Denmark's leading universities in terms of uncovering innovative ways of cooperating with the surrounding world at a local as well as national and international level. From the very beginning, AAU has adopted an inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented approach to research and education and is today one of the world's leading universities within this method. AAU offers approx 60 different study programmes and has close to 14,000 students.Medialogy is a very unique degree, created by a Danish professor. It's very broad, and covers the principles of moviemaking, animation, software programming, etc.

Aalborg's Challenge

We use most of our time doing project work, so finding an optimal way to collaborate was essential. The only other proper real-time collaborative editor we found, was Google Docs, but there was a lack of fundamental features.

Zoho Solution

After some researching, the best alternative seemed to be Zoho. So far we only use the Docs, Project, and Writer sections. The main improvements of the editing part, are the available formatting options, although we haven't explored these fully, yet. The built-in chat is also very helpful.

The Impact

It's a bit too soon to say, but it definitely improves work moral, and the effectiveness of the group.We mainly use the Writer, to edit documents, when we aren't at the same place. We also use the Tasks, Milestones, etc. in the Project section.

Customer quote

The main reason for choosing Zoho was the real-time editor, we use this a lot when the group members are working from home. At the moment we're 7 members, using Zoho, but it seems like the site is becoming well-known at our University.