A Little about BookingLive

We're a team of online booking system providers who work within the technology and software sector. We work with national and international clients from local authorities to large activity centres. Having worked within the booking system industry for five years, we've built a well-established and rapidly growing company with huge potential for further growth.

BookingLive's Challenge

Before implementing Zoho Projects we managed projects through spreadsheets which we had to update manually and this often led to error. We also used Basecamp and Unfuddle.

The Zoho Solution

Zoho Projects now acts as the main client communication tool when delivering our booking software. We're using Zoho Projects to record all active projects in terms of their status. By using the tasks and milestones feature we're able to break huge projects down into smaller jobs which can be split and assigned to different users. As Zoho Projects is also available in a mobile app, the BookingLive team is able to stay up to date even if they're working off-site.

Setting up Zoho Projects has also been very easy. We imported data from our old CRM into Zoho CRM which automatically synced with Zoho Projects so all our clients' information was already online! Zoho Projects has a load of great features - it's as though the system were built for BookingLive!

Impact of Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has had a really positive impact on our company, the main one being a noticeable improvement in terms of communication not only within the team but with our clients. Our team members are able to log into the system to see what tasks they've been assigned as well as the corresponding project name and client details. Users can also see when projects are due for completion so there is no forgotten task or assignment leading to frustrated clients and lost business opportunities.

We've also been able to phase out old processes including other online calendars due to Zoho Projects' calendar feature. This saves time spent switching between various systems and enables us to focus on the task in hand from one centralized location.

We've been searching for a system as powerful as Zoho for years, so we're glad to have finally found the tools we need to progress our business further. We're looking to record all future projects within our Zoho Projects account.