Skip the extra work with automation

With our flexible and easy to use issue tracking feature, automate your emails, set rules to trigger updates, use webhooks to connect to third-party applications and write custom functions to perform desired actions. Don't just meet the expectations of your clients - surpass them by automating your service level agreements.


Trigger email notifications to users for various events like when an issue gets created, assigned, or resolved. Simply set the notification patterns for your issues, and you’re done. 


Business Rules

Build a library of rules to automatically perform a set of actions like changing the severity of an issue, or assigning it to a user. Define when the rules get triggered, and you're all set.

Business Rules


Do you want to be notified when an issue is escalated to the highest level or if it remains unresolved past the due date? Send an SMS notification, push a message in Slack, or notify any third-party application with Webhooks. Simply configure the rules when a webhook should be called and sit back.


Custom Functions

Sometimes you need more than just a notification. For instance, once an issue is escalated to the highest level, you might want to automatically assign it to the manager, notify the manager via SMS, add a comment to the issue and email the customer that the issue is being resolved. Custom functions let you automate notifications, call webhooks and perform any logic once a rule is triggered.

Custom fuctions