We don’t own your data, you do.

We will never sell your data

We will never do advertisements

Business Model & Privacy

No ad-based business model

Online advertising and user privacy do not mix. We shunned the advertisement-based business model long before privacy laws came into effect. We have priced our software subscriptions attractively for our customers and appropriately for us to keep building world-class software and delivering solid customer support. This has always been our approach. Even our free software services don't host ads.

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No double-dipping

We are transparent in our business model and we treat our customers like family. We do not want to make money in any way that compromises the trust our users have in our service. There are growing examples in SaaS industry where "backdoor deals" are being cut between technology providers and service vendors that violate the sanctity of customer data. We have taken a stand against this.

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Tracking & Privacy

No Adjunct surveillance

User tracking (to serve ads) has turned into a full on surveillance. This trend started with B2C services but has started carrying over to the B2B domain as well. At Zoho, we are taking a stance against adjunct surveillance. What does that mean? When you use Zoho products, we do not allow surveillance companies to track you. We have also removed all non-essential or intrusive third-party trackers from our websites. We conduct regular audits to sustain the highest levels of privacy.

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Data Protection & Encryption

Security first

We protect all customer data transmitted to our servers over public networks using strong encryption tools. We mandate all connections to our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2/1.3) encryption with strong cyphers. This is for all connections including web access, API access, our mobile apps, and IMAP/POP/SMTP email client access.

We encrypt customer data at rest using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). We own and maintain the keys using our in-house Key Management Service (KMS). We provide additional layers of security by encrypting the data encryption keys using master keys which are well protected.

Infrastructure & Privacy

Owning the full stack

We own all the core aspects of our technology stack. This not only helps us deliver superior customer experience but also provides a much-needed assurance for our customers. Our customers need not worry about any competitor gaining "backdoor analytics" about how their service is performing. We take care to nurture the relationship with our customers and believe our users' trust is a truly non-negotiable currency. The few instances where we use third-party integrations to provide service enhancements, we inform our customers.

Non-reliance on ad-providers

We are not in the game to gain monetarily from our user behavior. There are no advertisement providers in our network. Reliance on online ads compromises the trust between the service provider and the customer. At a service level, product teams track usage of features in order to provide better service and keep improving our offerings. We are committed to this approach.

Staying Private & Privacy

No investor pressure

We are in charge of our own destiny, and that's a freedom we want to keep. We are a privately-held, bootstrapped company. We plan to remain this way. We don't have investors nor Wall Street on our back. We plan to keep it this way. This keeps us liberated from external pressure and allows us to make decisions in the long-term interest of our customers and employees.

More values over money

We are driven by what is morally correct. Throughout our journey, we have never hesitated in choosing what is right over what is instantly profitable. This is a core value of our organization. We are happy to grow at whatever pace our destiny allows us and we are in no hurry at all. With no investors to answer to and no external stakeholders to deal with, we can promise we will not waver from the path we have chosen.

Trust & Commitment

25 Years to prove it

Zoho's journey has been a long time in the making. We are not a magical unicorn like you find in fantasy tales. We believe in Main Street capitalism. We believe in investing time and effort in building user relationships and sustaining them. We want our customers to succeed as much as we do, and even more. During the last 25 years of our journey, we stayed true to who we are and earned the trust of our early customers. Many of them are still with us. We see them as a part of our family.

Commitment to Privacy

We believe that we don't need the law to catch up with what we do to decide what is acceptable or not. It is a very straightforward call. Our customers pay us for our service. There is no question of violating their trust. We don't want to throw a bunch of legal jargon at you. We made a decision on what is morally acceptable vs legally acceptable. Trust is built over the long haul. One has to earn and keep that trust. We hope to earn your trust too.

Choose Privacy. Choose Zoho

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