What's "double-dipping"?

A straightforward business model is one where you, the customer, pay for a product or service you receive from a vendor. But in some cases, vendors try to sell your data (directly or indirectly) without your permission to make more money at the back-end. Some vendors have gotten into the bad habit of charging you on one side when selling a product or service and then making money off of you indirectly by selling your information, without your knowledge. We at Zoho stand against this greed-driven industry practice.

What's Zoho's approach?

With Zoho, what you sign for is what you get. Our business model is simple: You pay for our products and services. There are no back-end deals to sell your data to third-party advertisers building shadow profiles of you. We treat your data just like we treat ours: responsibly.

Choose Privacy. Choose Zoho.

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