Price Change Notice

Since our founding 25 years ago, providing you outstanding value has been a core part of our product and pricing strategy. Over the years, we have relentlessly added new products and features to our portfolio, while continuing to make larger investments in global infrastructure and deeper service commitments.

We've made these investments and managed our increasing input costs by watching every penny and pushing ourselves to improve our own productivity, rather than pass on this cost to customers. Now, to maintain and improve what we deliver to you, we have had to make the hard choice of raising prices.

Effective April 5, 2021, we are increasing the prices of most of our products and you will see the updated prices on all the pricing pages. Here’s how it will impact you:

Existing Subscriptions: The price increase will not apply to your existing monthly or annual paid subscriptions until renewal on or before January 17, 2022.

New Subscriptions: If you had signed up for product trials before April 5, 2021, we will extend the current price, provided you complete the purchase on or before April 30, 2021.

In either of the above cases, should the new pricing result in an increase of more than 15% on your prior invoice, your renewal invoice will only increase by a flat 15%.

Any other Zoho product(s) that you sign up for, on or after April 5, 2021, will be offered at the new pricing listed on the product website.

While no price increase is welcomed, we are confident that our products will still remain among the most affordable in the market, without compromising features and capabilities.

We thank you for your support and hope to serve you for many more years to come.

Are you an existing Zoho customer or under Free/Trial plan?

Possible Questions

  • I am a current customer. How will my current prices, upgrade prices, and new product prices change?

    All current customers, whether on monthly or annual contracts, will see a 15% increase in their invoices starting January 17, 2022. (Should the new prices for your specific product selections result in an invoice increase of less than 15%, we will apply this amount.) They will not see any price increase until this date. They can also add new users or upgrade to other editions of products they already have, at current prices, until this date. Current customers who sign up for new Zoho products or subscriptions before April 5, 2021 and complete their purchase on or before April 30, 2021 will enjoy current prices. Signups and trials for additional products on or after April 5, 2021 will be at the new list prices.

  • Is there a grace period for someone still on free product trials and in the evaluation process now?

    Yes, there is. Customers who signed up (that is, registered on one of our websites) for Zoho before April 5, 2021 and are still on product trials will still have the option to purchase at the old prices as long as they complete their purchase on or before April 30, 2021. We want to honor the pricing you saw when you either signed up or started trials with us. Similarly, for all prospecting customers currently in the evaluation process and yet to purchase, we will offer the current price provided they complete their purchase on or before April 30, 2021.

  • Which countries and regions will see a price change?

    The price change applies to all global geographies and regions with the exceptions of Africa, South America, Latin America, China, and Japan. Exempted regions and countries will not see a price increase at this time.

  • Should we expect additional price changes in the near term?

    At this time no additional price changes are being planned.

  • As a current customer I understand that my prices do not yet change. What happens if my contract expires between now and January 17, 2022 and I choose to renew? Can I lock in my current price for the duration of the new contract? Also will this apply to a multi-year contract?

    Any customer who renews an existing contract on or before January 16, 2022 will lock in their current price for the term of the renewed contract, as long as it is less than or equal to one year. After that period, the 15% increase will apply. Any customer signing a multi-year contract on or before January 16, 2022 will lock in their current price for the first year of the multi-year contract. At the end of the first year of the contract, the remaining period of the contract will be assessed at the increased price.

    Any customer who prematurely exits a current contract, before the end of its term, will not be able to secure the current price and can only renew at the new prices.

  • I am an existing customer but my subscription was cancelled. What price will I pay should I reactivate after April 5, 2021?

    If your subscription had been cancelled for any reason (eg, credit card expiration) and if it has exceeded 15-day grace period after your subscription renewal date and you reactivate it, the new price will be effective immediately on reactivation. Zoho does send multiple reminders to customers to avoid service discontinuity.

  • Why are some regions exempted?

    Our initial plan was to drive the price change globally but we exempted some regions based on economic conditions and local price levels.

  • Can customers use existing earned wallet credits for upgrades?

    If you have promotional or earned credits, they may be used for upgrades to new editions or plans, provided your credits haven’t expired.

    If you have referral or startup credits, they may be used to pay for the 15% price increase after January 17, 2022, provided your credits haven’t expired.

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