Time Tracker

Spend less time, tracking time. Track time registered on each activity and stay productive and profitable. 

Schedule your Jobs!

Time Tracker does the magic of enabling you to record all your work items in a single click. Not just that! You can easily add job items and update them too! When the job is done, you can move on to the next work item, after having updated the status as ‘Completed’.

Works with Zoho CRM

Time Tracker is integrated with Zoho CRM 'Accounts' module for you to easily associate a Client/Account for a job directly while adding a job in Zoho People. This integration let's you associate accounts for a particular job directly. Additionally, you can also view the summary of time clocked by a client through a quick link.

Log Timesheet, Track Wisely, and Stay Profitable!

Zoho People's Timesheet helps you gauge your employees' work time perfectly. You can record the job entries on a daily and weekly basis and get an overview of how much time that has been registered on each activity. Log billable hours and make sure you get paid for the number of hours you work.

Multiple Criteria. Simple Approvals.

With Zoho People, even with a large multi-level hierarchy in your organization, you can easily structure the flow of approval by role and designation. It's just a one-time process and the approval hierarchical structure is common for all timesheets. Some of the other useful features are Automatic Schedule for approvals, Customized approval templates and Time-log specific approvals.

Get Accurate Reports!

Timesheet Reports gives you a clear view and accurate visual reports of how much time you spend on jobs. You can monitor the performance of an employee regularly and keep yourself up to date on the progress of your business. You can customize the view of the reports as how you want it and export the reports in a variety of formats or you can print the reports online.