A simple time off management tool your team will love

Time off tracking and calculations can be a hassle. Zoho People will set you free from the chaos of complicated systems and spreadsheets. Create PTO policies based on every location, set entitlements, manage holidays, and do much more! It's fast, efficient, and user-friendly.

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ZPeople timeoff managment
  • Leave policy compliance
  • Instant access to employee leave history
  • Mobile leave applications and approvals
  • Multi-location time off and holiday management

Manage time off the easy way

Zpeople Customize leave

Truly customizable leave policies

Every organization has different requirements for time off depending on its culture, size, industry, legal guidelines, and more. With Zoho People, you can introduce new leave types and customize policies for particular locations, job roles, or departments. Zoho People can do exactly what you need, every time.

Zpeople Timeoff management

Time off management tailored to you

Zoho People's highly flexible settings give you complete control over your leave system. Decide whether to count holidays and weekends as days off, configure how days off factor into your pay periods, choose the duration of each leave type, and more!

Zpeople Multi policy

Take advantage of multiple policy options

Zoho People ensures you have an array of options for setting PTO policies. Configure multiple leave policies for a leave type based on how long an employee has been with your organization.

Zpeople Compensatory off

Compensatory off for better work-life balance

Ensure the employees who spend their free time finishing critical projects get compensated with a day off. Set up a simple approval workflow to validate compensatory PTO, and you're good to go!

Zpeople manage absenteeism

Manage absenteeism with the Bradford score

The Bradford score in Zoho People is highly customizable, which means better insights. Set your threshold scores, adjust levels for genuine absences, and identify critical trends at an earlier stage.

Zpeople create your holiday

Create your holiday calendar

Define and manage your holidays based on every work location you have! Assign specific policies based on every region or shift.

Self-service for employees and managers

Self-service for employees and managers

Time off dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard gives a rundown of all the PTO that applies to employees, the days they've taken, and what's available. It'll also lists the future holidays and dates they've planned to take off and the ones that they can still claim.

Self-service for employees and managers

Time off calendar

The time off calendar informs managers about holidays and team members that are on leave, helping them check employee availability and better plan their work distribution.

Self-service for employees and managers

Leave requests and approvals

Employees can request days off from anywhere through the web or our mobile app. Input the specified dates, state the reason, and Zoho People will take care of the rest. Email and push notifications are sent to the respective manager for approval. It's that simple!

Self-service for employees and managers

Leave Grant

Special time off requests like maternity or paternity leaves, and Covid that lie outside existing leave entitlements can be hard to manage and track without the right processes. Leave grant in Zoho People simplifies this process, enables a smooth approval flow and ensures special time off requests are tracked without any glitches.

Insights at your finger tips

The Bradford score, reduced pay pool data, and an overview of payable days are all critical for accurate payroll processing. Zoho People gives you access to this information right when you need it. You also get detailed reports on employee availability, daily reports and specific user-based reports. These reports come together in Zoho People to enable better planning for HR initiatives and scheduling.

ZPeople Generate Reports

Everything you need for effortless time off management

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