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Zoho People's flexible leave management system lets you handle complex tasks with easy-to-use automation tools. For both compensatory and paid time off (PTO), create and customize all leave policies and entitlements according to your organization's needs.

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Why cloud-based time off management?

If you're managing employee time off with spreadsheets or time cards, manually calculating days of leave, reduced pay pool, and payable days can be a chaos. You may spend hours solving miscalculations or errors. That's where a cloud-based leave solution comes to the rescue.You'll get built-in, automated features such as:

Customize leave policies

Every organization has specific requirements when it comes to leave, depending on company culture, experience, legal guidelines, and more. With Zoho People, calculating leave entitlements, PTO, rollovers, and accrual is a whole lot easier.

Manage holidays

Even though you may operate globally, organizing time off and holidays shouldn't be a hassle. With Zoho People, manage holidays for multiple locations from a centralized application.

Simplify absence management

Employees can see how much leave they've taken, how much remains, and apply for time off from the web or their mobile devices. Know who is in and out of the office, and schedule meetings easily. Take advantage of automated workflows, and send email alerts for actions like approvals.

Track leave trends

Zoho People provides detailed reports on things like employee availability, payroll, and lost pay days. Access reports for employee leave records as well as daily and overall employee availability, so you can schedule accordingly. 

Configure leave settings

Zoho People's highly flexible settings give you complete control over your leave system. Decide whether to count holidays and weekends as leave days when employees take long vacations. Configure how leave days factor into your pay periods, and decide how compensatory time off is calculated.

Time off management made simple.

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