Leave Management

A seamless way to apply leave, mark holidays according to locations/shifts and configure leave entitlements.

Effective Time-off Management

Zoho People's Leave Tracker lets your employees apply for leave directly online, view their leave balances and access all other time-off related information. You can import/export the data for integrating with other applications, thus saving time and valuable resources.

Customize your Leave Types & Holiday List

Define leave types or create new leave types based on your company's time-off policy. You can color code each leave type, customize based on - location, roles, employees, gender, marital status,etc., You can also configure the list of holidays based on location and other influencing factors. This eliminates confusion and potential conflicts.

Paperless Requests & Approvals

Streamline your processes and eliminate paperwork. All employee leave requests are automatically routed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/deny with just a click. What's even better? Requests and approvals can be accessed directly from the wall. No paper forms! No manual files!

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Get a complete history of the leave usage for individual employees. Both you and your employees will know how many vacation days have been taken, how many are left and how many can be carried forward.

Department Leave Calendar

Easily track your team members' leave info with the help of the Department Leave Calendar. Just take a look at the calendar and know who is at work or who is not, without leaving your desk. Schedule meetings, appointments and events based on the availability of your teammates.