Using Templates, you can create custom letters with dynamic content and format as per your organisational needs, so you do not have the need to create a new letter every single time. Templates are economical in terms of time and money and dealing with letters get simpler when you have tailor made templates available for your organization. Zoho People features three types of letter templates. They are as follows.

Email Template

An email template is used while configuring email notifications. For eg. For standard notification emails like approval notifications, you can create a standard email template beforehand and select it directly while configuring approvals.

Record Template

A record template is useful while creating standard letters to be used for employee records. For eg. If you would like to issue a welcome letter to a new joinee, you do not have to type the content every time an employee joins the organization. Instead, you can have a standard record template created and use it by replacing the values alone as and when needed.

Mail Merge Template

Mail Merge is useful when you have some standard letters like Employment Contract, Probation Confirmation Letter etc to be sent across to many people at one go. A template can be created and the dynamic fields can be changed as per the need.Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Writer and this gives enhanced editing options for standard letters.