Document Management

Document Management


In any organization, there are few files like the company handbook or HR policies which should be available for the ready perusal of the employees. These files can be stored under the Files tab. There are two categories - the Company Files and HR Files.

Company Files & HR Files

Company Files are for the Files like Employee Handbook, Policy Documents of your organization etc., while HR Files are for confidential documents of employees. 

To add Company Files, follow the steps given below 

  • From your home page, go to  Files > Company Files > Add
  • Select the file you would like to add. You can either upload the file from your desktop or from cloud

Note: The list of supported services are given below.

  1. Zoho Docs
  2. GDrive
  3. Dropbox
  4. One Drive
  5. Box
  6. Evernote
  • Give a name for the File
  • Select the Location or select All
  • Check the 'Allow Download' option if needed
  • Give a description if needed
  • Under Category, select the category or add a new category
  • Check the box if you would like to notify your employees through email about this file

  • Click Submit

HR Files can be uploaded and can be made available only for a particular employee or a specific role. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • From your home screen, go to Files > HR Files > Add
  • Upload the offer letter from your desktop or from Cloud

Note: The list of supported services are given below.

  1. Zoho Docs
  2. GDrive
  3. Dropbox
  4. One Drive
  5. Box
  6. Evernote
  • Enter the File name as offer letter 
  • Select the employee name from the dropdown if you have chosen 'Employee Based'
  • Check the 'Hide from Employee' if you would like to have the file away from the view of the employee
  • Check the option 'Share this to Reporting Manager' if you would like the Reporting Manager to access the file 
  • Give a description if required
  • Select the category under Category
  • Click 'Notify through email' if you would like to have a notification sent
  • If you are choosing 'Role Based' instead of 'Employee Based', you can select the Role from the drop down

  • Click Submit

Securing your files with IP and Geo Restrictions:

Enabling IP restriction for the file cabinet can help you restrict anyone from accessing this module from anywhere beyond the IP address mentioned. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • From your home page, go to Settings (Gear icon) > User Access Control > Allowed IPs
  • Click on 'Add IP restriction'
  • Give a From and To IP address to define the range
  • Under Modules, select 'Files'
  • Under Applicable for, make a selection from the options like Roles, Departments, Designation etc

  • Click Save

Note: When Configuring IP restrictions, we always recommend using Static IP Addresses as the Dynamic IP Address gets refreshed in every 72 hours. Hence please check with your ISP to get a Static Public IP address to implement the same in Zoho People. Please do let us know at for any further assistance.

Apart from IP Restriction, Geo restriction is created in order to restrict access to the file cabinet from outside a geographical range.

The restriction thus created is applicable for any action in the file cabinet like adding/viewing/editing/deleting/downloading etc. This is also applicable for any action like adding/editing etc of new categories for files.

Follow the steps given below to create this restriction.

  • From your home page, go to Settings (Gear Icon) > User Access Control > Geo Restriction
  • Click on 'Add Geo Restriction'
  • Click 'Share Location' on the left top corner pop up
  • Give a name
  • Under 'Applicable For', make a selection from options like Roles, Departments, Designations etc
  • Under 'Modules', select Files. (You can also select the other modules based on your need)

You will be able to see your current location by default.

  • Use the Search tab to search for the starting location of your range
  • Use the drawing tool (choosing from a variety of shapes like circle, rectangle, polygon etc) bar on the right-hand side to select the range
  • Click on the 'Show My Location' icon to come back to current location

 Tip: Use the delete layers icon in the drawing toolbar to delete a selection that has been made erroneously. Click Save after deleting and use the shapes to define your range again.

  • Click Submit

  Using IP restriction, you can only define a particular IP address from which employees can access the modules. However, using geo-restriction, you can define a range (in location) within which the modules can be accessed.

Note: You can enable both IP restrictions and geo-restriction for your organization and make them applicable for employees based on the need.

E Signature:

Zoho People is integrated with Adobe Sign, Docu Sign and Zoho Sign to help you generate e-signatures on important contracts like Employment Contract, Offer Letter etc., thereby making your documents legally valid. 

Visit the links below to know more:

Adobe Sign

Docu Sign

Zoho Sign


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