Tasks can be defined as an activity which needs to be accomplished within a period of time. Creating Tasks and assigning them to respective owners helps keep track of the job done by individuals and also helps to maintain a record of activities to be completed.

Tasks can be of three types.

1. Individual Tasks - which can be added by the admin or by Reporting Manager for his/her reportees or by the user for self. There are already permissions set by default, for tasks to be added to reportees and for self. The administrator can add tasks to anyone. However, the other permissions can be changed in the Task Form. For eg. In the Task Form, if you give 'Add' permission for a role (Team Member)to All data, then it means that the users/employees under the Team Member role can add a task to anyone in any form. 

2. Tasks added directly from the respective Forms - These tasks are added in the form itself for a record.

3. Workflow driven Tasks - These tasks are associated with a checklist which is in turn mapped to a workflow.  A workflow is configured and as a result of an action, a checklist is triggered with the tasks that you create. Click here to know more about this. 

Individual Tasks

Follow the steps given below to create individual tasks.

  1. fFrom your home page, go to Tasks > Add Task
  2. Under Task Owner, select the user from the drop down

The Task Owner is a primary lookup field from the Employee Form because the primary lookup decides the record owner - in this case, the Task Owner.

  1. Enter a Task Name for identification.
  2. A description can be added if required. Configure the Start Date, and Due Date if needed
  3. Select a reminder date and time.
  4. Specify the priority of the task.
  5. Under Status, select Open or Completed based on the need.

If you are adding an already completed task in order to maintain a track of it, then the status will be Completed at the time of addition of the task.

  1. Click Submit

Once a task is added, it will get displayed under 'My Tasks' for the task owner and an email notification will be automatically sent notifying the user of the task added to him/her.

Tasks added from Forms

These tasks are added directly from the forms. For eg. If a Task should be added in the Asset form for an employee/user, then it can be done by following the steps given below.

  1. From your home page, go to any form, for example here we are going to Asset Request.
  2. Click on the ellipsis icon of the record for which you would like to add a task.
  3. Select Add Task
  4. Configure the task as required and click Submit.

Now a task is triggered for the particular record in the selected form (Asset Request Form) and the Task Owner will be notified.

Assigning Tasks

The tasks for which you are the owner will get listed in your My Tasks page (Tasks > My Tasks). The administrator can by default change the task owner. This way you can assign your tasks to your reportees or someone else

Apart from this, you can re-assign your tasks to your reportees based on the permissions configured for the respective form.

To configure Form Permissions,

  1. Go to Settings(gear icon) > User Access Control > Permissions > Form Permissions
  2. Select the respective form, in this case, 'Task' from the Form name drop down
  3. Under Record Permissions, enable the 'Reportees + My Data' option under the 'View' and the 'Edit' column

Now you have configured permissions for the Reporting Manager to edit data on the 'Task' form.

To assign the task to your reportees,

  1. From home, go to Tasks > My Tasks
  2. Click on the task that you would like to re-assign to your reportee
  3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon, select the reportee from the Task owner list
  4. Click Submit

Note: You can re-assign a task to only one reportee.

An email will be triggered automatically to the user to whom the task is re-assigned.

Task Watchlist

Tasks can sometimes be tagged to another employee when their input is needed or when they need to work on a part of the task. This can be done by @mentioning them in the comments space.

The employees who are tagged can view the tasks they have been tagged to under the Watchlist tab.

Task Notifications and Views

As soon as a task is added or triggered, an email notification is sent to the Task Owner with the task details. Apart from this, the Task Owner can also view the tasks assigned to him/her by navigating to Tasks > My Tasks

Unassigned tasks can be viewed in Tasks > Unassigned and you can pick any of the tasks to work-on from here as shown below

To track all tasks, or to view the total, unassigned, opened, and completed tasks list go to Tasks > Track Tasks or All Tasks. You can pick a task from these views too. 

In case of tasks assigned to a group or department, everyone in the group/department will be able to see the task assigned, in the My Tasks page. The pick option enables the user to pick the task and work on it.

Once a member of a group or department picks the task, another member of the same group or department will be able to see that the task has been picked up already.