Attendance Regularization

Attendance Regularization


What is Attendance Regularization?

Attendance Regularization is an option given to employees to raise a request and rectify their incorrect attendance entries.


Why is it useful?

Employees’ attendance entries may be incorrect when they forgot to check-in or check-out or if there was an incorrect entry made due to a technical issue. Using attendance regularization, employees can raise a request and enter the correct attendance entry along with the reason for requesting regularization.

Regularization Settings

Attendance regularization is automatically enabled when an approval is configured for it.

Use the Regularization settings to configure and customize regularization according to the needs of your organization.

Configuring Approvals

Here are the steps to configure approval for a regularization request.

  1. From home go to Attendance > Settings > Approval Settings

  1. Go to theRegularization tab
  2. Click + Add Approval
  3. Enter Name of the Approval

  1. Set a Criteria if needed. You can also set more than one criteria by using the Add new icon (add icon)
  2. You can either Configure Approver or allow the system to auto approve or auto reject the record based on the criteria requirements.
  3. Configure a mail notification if needed.
  4. ClickSave.

How to request for regularization

Learn how to raise a regularization request.

Viewing and approving regularization requests.

  1. Go to Attendance > My Requests.
  2. Go to the Regularization tab.

  1. Click on the specific request to approve or reject.

To Export/Print/Download:

  1. Click on the ellipses icon on the right-hand side
  2. Select the appropriate option

Note: Export can be done only in .xls or .csv formats

Viewing regularized entries in tabular view

Attendance entries that have been regularized will be shown in an employee's attendance tabular view.



Use case


Let's say you want to allow your employees to request for regularizing their attendance entries with the following restrictions:

  • They cannot raise requests for future dates.
  • The request has to be raised within 2 days from the date to be regularized.
  • A reason for requesting must be selected.

The request will go for approval to the reporting manager and the approved regularized entry will be shown alongside the original attendance entry.

First, let's configure the required settings based on your organization's needs.

  1. First, go to Attendance > Settings > General Settings > Regularization Settings.

  1. Under Regularization for future dates select Disable.
  2. Enter 2 for the number of days within which regularization request can be raised.
  3. Under Reason for Regularization select Enable and enter forgot to check-in, forgot to check-out and forgot my ID card as the possible reasons to be chosen.
  4. Under Regularization entries will select Create a new check-in/check-out entry.
  5. Click Submit.

Next, let's configure the required approval process.

  1. Go to Attendance > Settings > Approval Settings.
  2. Go to the Regularization tab.
  3. Click + Add Approval.
  4. Enter Name of the Approval.

  1. Set a Criteria if needed. You can also set more than one criteria by using the Add new icon (add icon)
  2. Click Configure Approver and select Reporting To, Single level.
  3. Configure a mail notification if needed.
  4. ClickSave.

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