Shift Scheduling

Employee shift scheduling is no longer a headache.

Zoho People makes it EASY for you to  

01 Map
employees to shifts
02 Rotate
shifts periodically
03 Filter
to view the shifts assigned
to any employee in your

The rest gets done AUTOMATICALLY  

Shift notifications

on your mobile device keep you in the loop.

Change notification

keep employees aware of any approaching changes
in their shifts.

Periodic shift changes

apply your custom rotations automatically, including email reminders.


No more marking calendars and spreadsheets  

Zoho People's shift scheduling feature is built into the attendance system for maximum convenience and coordination. Automated features give you the freedom to make shift changes without spending extra time implementing them.


Notify employees about shift changes  

Save time on employee communications. This feature notifies employees automatically whenever you’ve made a change to their shifts.


Shift scheduling is a BREEZE  


With a click of a button, you can create an easy-to-use system to schedule employee shifts based on roles and departments.


Find and resolve conflicts in shift assignments easily. Automatic error flags let you know when an employee is assigned to more than one shift at a time.


All the data you need is contained in your shift calendar. Filter the data based on shift, department, individual users, or hours with the Shift Hours View feature.


Feature Highlights