For employee shift scheduling that works your way

Every organization is different. Some work on regular timings and some work around the clock, in shifts. Zoho People will handle all your rosters efficiently. Create and customize shifts, add allowances and make periodic shift rotations for your organization.

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Set your own shifts

Get your entire organization on an attendance schedule. Just map employees to standard shift times, or to ones you've created.

Move things around

Periodically rotate shifts with the automated scheduler. Set up a system that automatically adjusts employee schedules by roles and departments, and Zoho People will notify people about the changes in advance.

Shift allowances

Set different pay rates for the different shifts in your organization and easily consolidate the data for payroll processing. 

Get notified

From shift swaps to schedule changes and everything in between, the notification center will help your employees stay in the loop. 

Simplify HR processes. Champion your workforce.

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