Zoho PageSense's Integrations

Get a 360° view of your marketing campaigns using PageSense's third-party integrations. Analyze the effectiveness of a channel by monitoring its impact on your website conversions.

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      • Google Tag Manager
        Google Tag Manager
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        Set up a quick and simple integration with Google Tag Manager to add PageSense's tracking code snippet directly to all your website pages.

      • Google Analytics
        Google Analytics
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        Integrate PageSense with Google Analytics to get a variation-level breakdown of key web metrics for A/B and Split URL tests.

      • KISSmetrics
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        Track web metrics of each variation in A/B and Split URL tests by integrating PageSense with KISSmetrics.

      • Mixpanel
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        Integrate PageSense with Mixpanel to collect all the variation-specific actions on your website for the A/B and Split URL tests.

      • Google Ads
        Google Ads
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        Track conversions from Google Ads across all tests, funnel analysis, form analytics, and goals.

      • Intercom
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        View achieved goals and the session recording playback of visitors who've engaged with you via Intercom.

      • Zoho Sites
        Zoho Sites
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        If you've built your website using Zoho Sites, analyze and optimize its conversions from the get-go by enabling the single-click integration with PageSense.

      • Zoho Sales IQ
        Zoho Sales IQ
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        Integrate PageSense with Zoho Sales IQ through a single-click, and view your customer's behavior on your website in real time, and provide enhanced support.

      • Zoho Forms
        Zoho Forms
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        With this integration, you can get analytical insights on how your form respondents interact with the various fields in your form.

      • Zoho Commerce
        Zoho Commerce
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        With this integration, you can understand what visitors want, create a personalized shopping experience, A/B test different web variations, and track other helpful metrics.

      • Zoho Desk
        Zoho Desk
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        With this integration, you can measure micro-interactions in your web forms and derive powerful insights into how your visitors interact with them. Captures every interaction that every visitor makes in your forms, and turn that into easy-to-understand reports that can be accessed from inside Zoho Desk.