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Businesses across the globe trust us to run their entire operations from end to end. From the day of our inception to today, we have grown to be the most trusted business management platform that helps different teams to get their work done effortlessly.

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5 years and 45+ apps later

Five years ago we launched Zoho One, a business operating system that catered to all your business needs in One place. But that was five years ago. Over these five years we have adopted and adapted many more solutions, and today we stand formidably with over 45 well-established solutions.

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  • Zoho One launches as a SIMPLIFIED suite of 35+ business apps to fulfill a business's needs from sales, marketing, finance, and support to productivity, collaboration, HR and business processes from one place.
  • Democratizes enterprise-grade software and puts it in within the reach of small business all over the world
  • Introduces SSO and centralizes admin and provisioning panel


  • Zoho One elevates the UNIFIED EXPERIENCE by updating the AI and BI layer across the suite focusing on data security and integrity.
  • The Zoho Concierge service brings expert guidance to prospects
  • AI-powered assistant, no-code workflow, and mobile apps power the suite


  • Zoho One amplifies INTEROPERABLE CAPABILITIES by expanding Zoho Marketplace, a list of handy applications to integrate with the suite
  • YubiKey for MFA and PhoneBridge for calling becomes available
  • Brings improved dashboards and betters Zia search


  • Zoho One becomes more REMOTE WORK FRIENDLY to help businesses wade through the pandemic's impacts with 15+ feature releases
  • Zoho heightens security policies, improves app assignment and management. Bookings, Bigin, and Payroll are added to the suite.


  • Zoho One releases the most-awaited UNIFIED USER INTERFACE and supports customizable dashboards and admin panels
  • Introduces dedicated app and device management features
  • Adds four major apps and an ecommerce builder to the suite
  • Introduces unified calendar and org dictionary


  • Zoho One introduces unified tasks view and custom authentication

Envisioning the next half of this decade

Sridhar Vembu

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We are now focused on refinement and perfection so that in the next 5 years, the future of enterprise software is Zoho One.

Sridhar Vembu
CEO, Zoho

Celebrating our valued customers

Celebrating our valued customers
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customers customers
customers customers
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Zoho One is the best way to enjoy Zoho's service offering. I adopted it since it was in Beta, and never looked back since. There is something refreshing, reassuring and liberating about going"all-in" with your technology stack.


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