A noteworthy web app

Experience the beautifully simple note-taking app on the web today.

A Noteworthy Web App.

Your notebook, on the web

Jot notes and ideas; keep your lists, photos, and files together. The Notebook web app brings digital notebooks and note cards to any browser. Customize notebook covers by dragging images from your desktop. Color code your notes inside your notebooks with provided colors, or by creating your own.

Note Cards

Different types of notes should be treated differently. Jot some text and combine different types of notes in a Text Card. Drag images from your desktop right into Notebook, automatically creating a Photo Card. Stay on top of things with a dedicated Checklist Card. Add PDFs, documents, and more as unique File Cards.

  • Text
  • Checklist
  • Photo
  • File


note card


checklist card


photo card


file card

Clip the web

Extend Notebook across the web, with Notebook browser extensions available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Clip text and images. Remove ads and save whole articles using Clean View. View all your notes back in the Notebook web app.

Always in sync

Whether you're on your mobile, desktop, or surfing the web, Notebook is always on hand. All notes are automatically saved to the cloud so you'll never lose them. All changes are automatically reflected everywhere else.

Always in Sync

Notebook is free to download. It's ad-free too

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