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Enhance your expertise at administering your organization

Mastering the Admin Console!

Presented by
Priyanka Gnanasekhar Product Expert
Q&A Experts
Epsima Flavin G R Technical Support Engineer
Sayee Prasad R Technical Support Engineer
Date & Time
Jun 21 — 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT)
Join us for a 1-hour live webinar by our product experts, including a Q&A session with the product team.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Admin Console is the primary portal used by the administrators to add and manage users, perform data migration and enforce security features like password policies, email policies etc for the organization. This webinar will take you through a tour of the Admin Console and help you understand how to make the best use of the platform.

Join us in this webinar to learn to effectively use the various features of the admin console to manage users, groups, domains, and various compliance and security policies. You can also explore ways to recover and retain lost emails, level up your security, and keep your organization free from spam.

Enjoy these benefits when you attend this webinar:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the Zoho Mail Admin Console.
  • Learn how to become a pro at using the vast features of the control panel.
  • Listen to expert advice on the various functionalities of the platform.
  • Watch a hands-on demo and get your questions answered in the live Q&A session with our product teams.