Data Protection

Keep an eye on your assets with data protection tools that Zoho Mail supports for administrators. Using systematic protocols, policies, and mechanisms in the service, you're all set to prevent email spoofing, phishing, spam, and data leakage. 

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Data Protection


Protect your domain from being misused by trespassers by setting up a DMARC policy in Zoho Mail. When a DMARC policy is established, unauthenticated emails sent in the name of your organization are quarantined or rejected, depending on the policy. Reports can be generated for analysis to make subsequent changes to your policy. 

Email policy

Take control of the emails sent and received in your organization by customizing email policies in Zoho Mail. Restrictions can be applied for specific networks, devices, domains, and users to curb data leaks. 

Malware detection

Emails with attachments received in Zoho Mail are scanned for specific extensions and bounced when malware is detected. The secure attachment policy in Zoho Mail restricts you from uploading files with certain extensions to prevent malware from being transferred. 

Spam filtering

Zoho Mail screens your inbox from unwanted emails and authorizes secure and encrypted emails. Using the Spam filtering function, incoming emails are scanned for phishing and spoofing and pushed to the inbox or spam folder accordingly. 

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