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    How to get effective Email 'Notifications' - Add Sound Notifications in Zoho Mail

    Never miss an email again. With effective sound notifications, Zoho Mail notifies you of emails that are important to you based on your custom folder preferences. 

    Steps to add sound notifications for new emails:

    1. Login to your Zoho Mail account.
    2. Navigate to Settings and select System.
    3. In Sound Notifications, select the preferred sound from the list of sounds available.

      Sound notification for emails

    4. You can choose the folders for which you want to enable sound notification. 
    5. In Settings, select Folders, select the 'Notification' checkbox for the folders you prefer. 
    6. For every new email you receive in the selected folders, you will get an audio notification.

    Go ahead and enable sound notifications for your 'Important' folders!