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    How to manage your Bookmarks (URL/ Links) in Zoho Mail

    In this age of Internet and social networking, every information reaches us via URLs of news sites, tech-blogs, social networking sites or knowledge bases. We all have an avalanche of bookmarks or shortcuts of various categories and groups. We use some of them for referring information and certain others to share with our teams, colleagues, friends or in social networks. 

    Zoho Mail provides you a very flexible and easy way to organize and manage your bookmarks right within your Inbox. You can have them saved only for you or have it saved commonly in a group or share with others. Collections help you to save a set of bookmarks under a particular category. 

    Steps to create and save Bookmarks: 

    1. Log in to
    2. Navigate to the Bookmarks application in your mailbox.
    3. Click New Bookmark from the thumbnail view to add a Bookmark. 

      Bookmarks folder - thumbnail view

    4. Provide the web URL/ hyperlink to the website you want to bookmark. 
    5. Provide a short title and a description for the Bookmark, mainly for reference and identifying the link easily. 
    6. If it is for your own reference, save it under 'My Bookmarks'.
    7. Select a Group, to share it with a particular team/ group.
    8. Select a Collection, under which you want to place the Bookmark.  

      Adding bookmarks from an email

    9. Click Add to save the bookmark.


    You can also import a set of bookmarks from your browser's favorites. 

    Go ahead save all your bookmarks in Zoho Mail to easily organize/ share and manage them effectively. Do send us your feedback as at