How to delay sending emails in Zoho Mail - Enabling Outbox delay

"Ignore my previous email" .. 

How often have we sent this after sending a wrong email to someone? To avoid such email mishaps, you can delay your sending for a minute or two by enabling Outbox for your account. 

How Outbox works?
  When Outbox is enabled, you can set a time duration in minutes as Outbox delay. When you send an email, the email will be placed in the Outbox for a specified time duration before it gets actually sent. Hence after you send an email, if you realize that you made a mistake in the email you just sent, you can always go to the 'Outbox' and either edit it or delete it altogether without sending. 

Enabling 'Outbox' is an indirect way to 'Undo Send' or 'Recall' a sent email in Zoho Mail. 

Steps to enable Outbox:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open the Compose section.
  3. In the Outbox delay, enter the preferred delay time in minutes. The Outbox delay can be anywhere between 1 to 120 minutes.

Outbox delay for your emails

Yay! You have just enabled Outbox for your account. After setting this up, when you compose and send emails, the emails will be kept in the Outbox for the delay time you've set. 

In case you realize some snarky comment or change your mind about sending the email, just open the email from the Outbox and edit or delete it.

If you want to send a specific email right away without keeping it in the Outbox, use the Send right now option.

Try out this feature and share with us your thoughts at support@zohomail.com.