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    How to create and manage Tasks from an email in Zoho Mail

    We often receive tasks via emails. Zoho Mail provides a simple way to easily manage such tasks and have them linked to the original emails. 

    You can create Tasks from emails, post them in groups, assign it to someone, and discuss on the Tasks using comments. 

    Steps to create Tasks from emails and collaborate with them:

    1. Right click on the email from which you want to create the task. 
    2. Choose Add to and select Tasks from the menu. 

      Adding task from email

    3. Add Task dialog appears with the Subject of email as Title and Content as Description.
    4. Change the contents, if required. 
    5. Add any subtasks, if this needs to be split into smaller tasks. 
    6. Set a due date, reminder and reminder options.
    7. You can add it in My Streams, to add it to yourselves, or choose a Streams group to make it visible to the entire group. 
    8. When you add it to the group, you can optionally share the linked email conversation also, to make it more contextual to your group members. 
    9. Assign it to a group member directly from the email and easily track it from the Tasks. 

      Assigning tasks to your teammates

    10. Discuss around the tasks using the comments for periodic updates and clarifications. 

      Discussion on the status of team-tasks

    11. The created tasks are available right next to the email to make it easier to view and track them. 

    Task tracking

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