POP Account - Thunderbird

Steps to Configure your Zoho Account as POP in Thunderbird

  1. Enable POP in the ZOHO Mail interface.
  2. Launch Thunderbird application in your system.
  3. Select Edit » Account Settings. Click ‘Add new account’.
  4. Select 'Manual Configuration' in the screen that appears. 
  5. Provide your display name, Email address, and your account password.
  6. You may require an Application Specific password to set up the account in other devices if Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your account.
  7. In the Server Hostname, provide for Incoming and for Outgoing.
  8. Select the port numbers to be '995' and '465' respectively. 
  9. Make sure that the Authentication type is 'Normal Password' for both servers. 
  10. Provide the 'complete email address' as your username. 
  11. Click 'Done' to save the changes. Clicking 'Test' sometimes gives an error message and resets the settings.

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