PUT - Update a particular Label in the account


The API updates the particular Label with the given display name, color, and the sequence.

 Request URL 


 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
accountID*LongaccountID - The unique Zoho Account number associated with the particular account.
labelID*LonglabelID - The Label ID of the specific label, which should be updated.

* - Mandatory parameters

  Request Body (JSON Object)

ParameterData TypeAllowed ValuesDescription
displayName* String

 The Display Name of the Label

 Provide the name for the Label. 
sequence  Integer The order in which the Label should be displayed Provide the order or the sequence in which the Label should appear among the group of Labels. 
colorString Color of the Label in Hex value Provide the color of the label in the hex Value.

* - Mandatory parameters

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

    "displayName": "MyNewName"
    "color": "#FFFFF",