GET - All Label Details


The API retrieves all the Label details for the specified account based on the account ID provided in the Request. 

 Request URL<accountId>/labels

 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
accountID*IntegeraccountID - The unique Identifier for a specific account of an user.  

* - Mandatory parameter

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Response

    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "description": "success"
    "data": [{
        "URI": "",
        "labelId": 7000000011001,
        "displayName": "HRCommunications",
        "sequence": 1,
        "color": "#9999ff"
    }, {
        "URI": "",
        "labelId": 7000000011003,
        "displayName": "RefDetails",
        "sequence": 2,
        "color": "#FFD700"