PUT - Change advanced settings of the group


The API changes the advanced settings for the group, based on the groupid provided.

 Request URL


 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
mode*StringThe mode value should be 'updateMailGroupAdvOptions'
accessType*StringThe access Type of the Group. (Public/ Organization/ Group/ Moderated)
groupAdminSettings*VOGroup Admin Settings Object


longMail box id detail of the group mail box


booleanWhether the emails should be delivered or not, if the group email is is not in To/ Cc


StringAllowed Values are "hold" or "reject" based on whether the email should be hold or reject. 


booleanWhether the spam emails can be identified by the Administrator or not


booleanWhether the administrator should be notified or not 


booleanWhether the sender of the email should be notified or not/ 


booleanWhether the members of the email group should be able to send emails using the group 


booleanWhether the Spam Marking of administrator needs to be considered or not.


booleanWhether the post approval should be notified or not. 
suppressMailOnMemAdd*booleanWhether email should be sent to members on member addition. 

* Mandatory Paramaters

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

    "accessType": "Public",
    "mode": "updateMailGroupAdvOptions"
    "groupAdminSettings": {
        "authorNotify": true,
        "holdOrBounce": "hold",
        "mailboxSendRights": true,
        "postApprovedNotify": true,
        "spamMarkPermission": true,
        "suppressMailOnMemAdd": true,
        "mailboxId": 1000000009001,
        "spamApproval": true,
        "adminNotify": true,
        "isNotToCc": true,