The API creates a new Group with the specified settings. 

 Request URL


 Request Parameters 

ParameterData TypeDescription
emailID*StringEmail Address of the group to be created.
name*StringUnique Name of the group
accessTypeStringMention the group type as if it is a public group/ organization group/ moderated group/ private group
streamsEnabledBooleanWhether Streams is enabled for the group or not
mailGroupMemberListStringThe list of members to be added to the group as moderators. 

* - Mandatory parameter

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

    "emailId": "support@zylkernew.com",
    "name": "Customer Support",
    "stremsEnabled": True,
    "accessType": "Public",
    "mailGroupMemberList": [{
            "memberEmailId": "mark@zylkernew.com"
            "memberEmailId": "tina@zylkernew.com"