The section aims to help the admins locate and troubleshoot the common issues and to check the administrative logs for the organization. 

Audit Logs

Many enterprises have multiple administrators and hence to track any action of the admin or for recording purposes, the actions are recorded under logs. Hence any action like creating a user, deleting a user, creating aliases, groups etc are recorded in the logs and the logs can be just retrieved whenever required. The administrator can search by action, admin user, date or by the entity on which the action was performed. 

Steps to locate Audit Logs: 

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Audit Logs 
  3. You can search by the category, entity, admin user or by date to get the logs. 

Exporting Audit Logs:

You can export these audit logs as a password protected .zip file. 

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Audit Logs 
  3. Click the Export Logs option.
  4. You can choose to password protect the file by selecting the Encrypt with Password option.
  5. Enter the password and click Export File.
  6. The Audit Logs will be downloaded as a .zip file.

Blocked Accounts

The administrator can view the list of accounts that get blocked due to any restrictions in this section. The administrator can unblock the blocked accounts or even block an account based on his requirements.

Steps to unblock accounts:

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel using the organization Admin credentials.
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Blocked accounts.
  3. The list of accounts blocked will be listed there along with the reason. 
  4. Select the accounts to be unblocked and select 'Unblock'. 


If a particular user's account is blocked due to suspicious activity, you will have to change the password and then unblock the account.

Steps to block accounts:

Sometimes due to various reasons, the administrator may need to block an account from sending out emails or from receiving emails. The administrator can block the account from the Mail Accounts section or from the Troubleshoot section. 

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Blocked accounts.
  3. Select 'Block New account' and provide the email address for which you want to block. 
  4. Both Incoming and Outgoing will be disabled for the selected account.

Your accounts could get blocked because of a large number of emails being sent within a short span or a large number of recipients per emails. You can prevent this by using Zoho Mail360. It is specifically designed and optimized to send transactional emails to your customers. You can create automated email based workflows to suit your need. 

Retry Mails

When the emails are sent from your account, in case the recipient server does not accept the emails due to temporary errors, such emails will be moved to Retry queues. The emails will not be bounced back to senders for temporary errors (451.x.x). The mails sent from the domain to outside mail servers may sometimes be bounced due to some temporary errors in the recipient servers. Such emails will not be bounced to senders but will queue up in the Retry Mail list. The sender will receive an email with the reason, after 4 hours. 

"Message sending has temporarily failed and would be tried for another x days. Message will be permanently failed if all the attempts are unsuccessful."

The emails will be automatically tried at a predefined interval automatically.

In the Retry Mails page, the administrator can view the emails in the retry queue, validate the headers and also remove the retries if required. The list will have the information of the sender, recipient, Last retry time, Reason for delivery delay and also header information. The Administrator can manually retry sending by selecting the messages and using the Retry option.

The option is useful when emails to a particular valid domain, get bounced due to a temporary server issue at the recipient end. In such a case, the administrator can select all the emails addressed to that domain and Select Retry Sending, which would avoid emails bounced back to the senders.

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Retry Mail.
  3. Select the list of emails in the retry queue and retry/delete the entries. 

Users without mailbox

When you create users, if the email hosting was in disabled state or if you did not choose the option to create mail accounts for the user, the user will not have an email account in Zoho but will be able to log in. The user will see a message on the screen to request the admin for a mailbox. The administrator can create mail accounts for such users from this section. 

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Users without Mailbox.
  3. The accounts that do not have any mail account will be listed in the section.
  4. You can select multiple users from the list and select 'Create Mail Account' link from the top or just create an account for a single user.

Suspicious Login Report

You can view a list of all the suspicious login attempts that have occurred from your Control Panel. 

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Suspicious Login.
  3. A list of all the suspicious login attempts with Time, Location, Source and IP address is displayed.

You can narrow down the list by selecting a Date range for your search using the From and To drop downs. All suspicious login attempts within that date range will be listed. Using the Filter by option, you can also filter the list further based on Email Address or IP Address.

If there are multiple suspicious logins for a single user's account, the account will be blocked. To unblock the Incoming and Outgoing status, the account's password has to be changed. After changing the password, follow these steps to unblock the account.


If the account is blocked due to suspicious activity, only the Outgoing, IMAP and POP access will be blocked. Email Incoming will not be blocked.

Email Recovery

The email recovery option lets you recover emails that have previously been deleted by users from their respective email accounts. This feature is especially useful in cases where an employee has left the company, and the emails have been deleted by them, but they need to be viewed for some reasons by the org admin. The admin can choose to recover all the deleted emails for a selected employee, in the specified period. Follow the steps below to recover the required emails:

  1. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel
  2. Go to the Troubleshoot section, and select Email Recovery.
  3. Click the Recover deleted emails option.
  4. In the Duration option, select the time period for which you'd like to recover the deleted emails.
  5. Select whether the emails should be recovered to the folder(s) in which they were previously present or to a new folder from the Recover to option.
  6. Pick the users for whom you'd like to recover emails from the user list, and click Recover.

Email recovery is applicable to both the received and sent emails. ​The email recoveries that you have requested will be displayed in the Email Recovery view. The status of completion, the size of recovered emails and other such details can be viewed here.


The Email Recovery option will only be available for organizations that are using one of the paid plans.

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