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    Your data belongs to you

    Your data is collected on a strictly need-to-know basis to improve the service that we provide. The ownership of your information lies entirely with you, and not with Zoho. Transparency has always been the cornerstone of our privacy measures. We keep you in the loop on data collection and usage, enabling you to make informed decisions.


    We do not sell your data

    Zoho Mail is an email hosting platform, and our profit comes from providing paid email service to businesses. The data that we gather during the process is collective, non-identifiable, and is used only to give you a better emailing experience. We never have and we never will sell your data to third parties.


    Your mailbox is ad-free

    Zoho Mail does not indulge in data mining. We do not use your information to fuel targeted advertisements, and no ads are displayed in Zoho Mail. You can rest assured that we will always remain a secure and ad-free emailing service.


    Only you can read your emails

    More often than not, your emails contain information about you or the people you correspond with. This may include potentially confidential data. Keeping this in mind, we promise that we will never read your emails. Processes like spam filtering and virus detection are automated in order to not give any employees access to view your emails.


    Access to your data is restricted

    Customer data is heavily guarded at Zoho Mail, even from our employees. In very rare cases, employees will require a certain level of access to data to resolve requests or complaints raised by customers. This access to obfuscated data or meta data is only given to few employees who have cleared security checks, and is tightly controlled by dedicated teams. Employees accessing such data are tracked and monitored in real-time.

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