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    "Zoho Mail is very efficient. We can send big attachments by just adding them to Zoho Docs. We send a lot of important and sensitive data, and Zoho Mail is the only service we find comfort to rely upon. If I have to choose one thing we love, it would be how secure Zoho Mail is. It is awesome that no one can access our mailbox, even Zoho Mail."

    D Kumareson
    D KumaresonManager at Rambal Limited
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    "Everything is perfect! UI, ease of navigation, features and functions, reliability, admin control panel, down to the last details. All without ads. Just keep these standards up! Great to see an Indian organisation providing world-class facilities. "

    Yash MMD and Owner of GIPLA

    "With Zoho Mail, composing and sending emails has become a wonderful experience for us at Doormonk. Their Artificial Intelligence features further enhance the experience. On the whole, we fell in love with Zoho Mail."

    Manik KoulLead Sales Operations at Doormonk

    "We consider Zoho to be one of the most powerful cloud based ecosystems with applications for pretty much every business needs. With Zoho Workplace, we now have all our applications interconnected in the same environment, including CRM, thus cutting down a lot of manual steps. Thanks to this new way of working in the cloud, we can now have both our employees and customers collaborate in real time. We LOVE the minimalistic design and simplicity of Zoho Workplace and our IT department says that user administration has never been easier. All these make Zoho Workplace the best cloud solution we've ever tried. "

    Raul Bellmunt Tabero
    Raul Bellmunt TaberoCEO of Apps Implantadores

    "Zoho Mail is extremely helpful and easy to use. You can install its version in your mobile as well, thus you are always informed of your emails. It lets me link all my emails with it and view them under one inbox. Whenever I'm out of office or cannot access my emails, Zoho Mail's auto reply feature lets me preset a message informing my senders about my absence or notifying them about who they should get in touch with, if urgent."

    Dennis waithira
    Dennis Waithira Analyst at Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)

    "I am having a great experience using Zoho Mail. I used my WordPress Site domain to configure my email account all by myself with my minimum technical knowledge, meaning, Zoho Mail is easy to configure."

    José Almonte
    José AlmonteCEO of Todo Incluido RD

    "There are so many features I enjoy like email sharing, streams, and email recall. But the user interface of Zoho Mail itself is undeniably the thing I enjoy the most. The 'tabs on top' feature in Zoho Mail is quite famous among our employees. We don't have to open multiple tabs to finish multiple tasks. Everything can be managed with just one tab and you have no idea how much it makes our life easier. And Zoho Mail's support is undeniably good. Whenever we call for assistance, they will be there."

    Neeyati Vanraj DesaiSenior Manager of Viva Groups
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    "Compared to Gmail, I find Zoho Mail much more convenient. While working, I can open many different mail tabs under one browser tab and get lots of things done at the same time. Moreover, Zoho Mail effectively blocks all types of spams and junk emails, which is one of the things I really like."

    Nguyen Minh QuangIT Manager at Powercentric

    "Zoho has been a great choice for hosting my custom email. There are enough expenses when getting a website up and running, I'm glad that I found Zoho for my email. The price is right, and it was easy to set up. I highly recommend their service."

    Andre B. JensenFounder & Content Creator of Canoosa Finance

    "For small eCommerce businesses like LiteraryBookGifts.com, communication is the key. I rely on Zoho mail daily for all of my internal and external communications. Zoho‘s email server is the portal from which I communicate with thousands of influencers and publications worldwide. Zoho’s suite of apps are easy to use and the quality is top notch. Thank you Zoho!"

    Melissa ChanFounder of LiteraryBookGifts.com

    "As a developer, I have a really hard time finding ways to justify some costs, but @zoho's Mail Lite service is something I wish I heard about ages ago. At this point it would have saved me hundreds of dollars. But happy to have found them now :D"

    Jacob Mathison
    Jacob MathisonSoftware Engineer at Mathison Projects

    "Zoho Mail is a service that offers an excellent email experience. It is a clean and fast web mail. It offers better protection against fake emails. You can also access your messages any time from mobile or computer."

    Carolina Astaiza M
    Carolina Astaiza MVice President - Talent & Acquisition of BBDO Worldwide

    "Zoho is built to manage a company's workflow efficiently. Zoho Mail is the prefect choice to host your company's emails. Every employee in our organisation is assigned with a company email address using Zoho Mail. They have both desktop and mobile application, with great UI and convenient options to manage all our mails. Zoho Mail has all the other required features that any emailing platform should have. Additionally, Zoho Workplace has many useful apps like Calendar, Chat, Tasks and more. So overall, Zoho Mail is, without any doubt, a perfect choice to manage and maintain company's emailing system."

    Rahul Arora
    Rahul AroraDeveloper at Deals Shutter

    "Zoho Mail allows me to manage my client emails, schedule follow-up emails and unclutter my inbox, so I can focus on running my healthcare business 100% without getting sidetracked by the regular 'flooding of emails'."

    Maximilian WaidEnergy Medicine Practitioner, Wholistic Guide

    "We have been using Zoho Mail across our entire business for more than 8 years. There are so many things we love about Zoho Mail. Its ease of use, high level of security, awesome features and how seamlessly it integrates with all our other Zoho Apps is pretty impressive. It is the best email system on the planet and would highly recommend it to other businesses."

    Jason KimberDirector at Solutions to Success

    "Zoho is an incredible e-mail platform, with an inbox of great characteristics, which provides adequate information about the mails received, categorizing them into folders, thus helping you find your emails easily. The interface of this application is fantastic; it is clean and easy to use. The distribution of the board is impeccable, it is a very different mail to the ones normally used. Although it has a monthly cost, it is worth every cent. Zoho does not give you an emailing platform alone, it has many additional tools for the same price."

    Hank F. Arnold Team Manager at The Show Box Entertainment

    "Zoho is helping our startup since our primary days. We started using the free account for our email, and then subscribed to a nice package that Zoho Mail provided. It is one of the best tools that I have used, the practicality and the pricing is gorgeous. I'm sure that we couldn't have started at all without Zoho. Every time we need assistance, their team is ready to help; we are really grateful to you all! Thanks, Zoho!"

    Leonardo Superti
    Leonardo SupertiCEO of CustomerX

    "Zoho Mail is incredibly easy to use, and it is very straightforward. Zoho made the email customization process very simple and not complicated like other email providers. I am very happy with this product and look forward to using it for many years to come."

    The Stormy PoetPublisher, Author & Lifestyle Enrichment Commentator

    "Being very amateur in all things IT, I found the instructions easy to follow, they worked the first time itself, and functioned effectively thereafter. Y'all rock. Thanks."

    Dr. SusannahDirector of Clinical Service

    "I have been running a startup that provides custom ERP & Software solutions. I heard about Zoho Mail from a friend when I was looking for an email provider to host a custom domain. As a startup, Zoho Mail let me create a brand out of a domain for free. Zoho Mail has helped us achieve brand consistency across all communications with a professional and unique custom email address. Besides a hassle-free process of getting a custom domain, the availability of multiple domains and handy integrations with other applications convinced me to join their customer base. Especially as a developer myself, Developer Space in Zoho Mail has let me build any required custom extensions. I have been actively recommending Zoho Mail to businesses I know and will continue to do so. "

    Incquet Solutions
    Jayesh SonawaneFounder & CEO of Incquet Solutions