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What does AR mean in construction?

Augmented reality (AR) refers to the overlay of digital elements like 3D objects or images onto the physical environment via a smartphone or tablet. AR can be used for civil engineering applications such as:

  • Design and visualization
  • Construction processes
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Training
  • Quality control

How are AR and VR used in construction?

Virtual reality (VR) in construction involves the use of advanced computer graphics and hardware to create and experience 3D, virtual layouts. There are several benefits to using VR in construction, and the future looks promising as this technology advances and becomes more accessible to everyone.

Uses of VR
  • Visualise digital structures
  • Explore and interact in 3D
  • Simulate real-world scenarios in BIMs
  • Train workers remotely
Benefits of VR
  • Safer training environments
  • Effective construction processes
  • Faster collaboration
  • Better planning and decision-making

How is augmented reality used in construction?

Construction companies use augmented reality to significantly boost the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of their building projects. Here's how industrial augmented reality applications come into play at different stages of construction.

Collaborate virtually in design and planning

Project managers can form virtual huddles with stakeholders, architects, and engineers to evaluate design blueprints. They can get a bird's eye view of the project right from the start and make informed decisions with minimal errors.

Collaborate virtually in design and planning

Monitor construction processes in real time

Construction superintendents who oversee many processes can use AR for construction site monitoring. They can check in virtually and provide onsite support by accessing the crew's smartphone camera.

Monitor construction processes in real time

Conduct remote safety inspections

Zoho Lens helps safety officers conduct remote safety inspections and spot issues right from their desk. They can substantially reduce travel times and cover more construction projects in a day.

Conduct remote safety inspections

Provide an immersive training experience

AR technology in construction makes training sessions more interactive, engaging, and it also ensures safety. With virtual training sessions, managers can onboard and educate crew members on new safety procedures and equipment operations—no matter where they are.

Provide an immersive training experience

Benefits of AR in construction

With Zoho Lens, the augmented reality construction app, you can enjoy these key benefits:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Improved resolution rates
  • Reduced travel time and cost
  • Improved safety
  • Accelerated project delivery

How it works


Get Connected

Managers can start or schedule a remote session with the crew from any device. They can send an invite through SMS or email or send the join link directly.


See what your crew sees

Once the construction personnel joins the session, you can access their camera stream to view the construction process live.


Collaborate through text, voice chat, and AR tools

Managers can use text, voice chat, and AR annotations to analyze any issue in depth and help the crew in solving it.

Experience augmented reality in civil engineering with these key features

Below are just some of the many features in Zoho Lens that can help civil engineers improve their construction processes.

Live camera streaming

Engineers can access any smartphone or smart glass camera and get real-time information through their preferred browser, effectively minimizing travel time.

Highlight 3D objects

Supervisors can draw attention to specific structures and equipment with AR tools and annotations during a remote session.

Multi-participant sessions

Managers can work with different construction teams in a single session to sort things out. External experts can be invited to brainstorm the best solution at a moment's notice.


Managers can minimize learning curves by integrating Zoho Lens with their existing apps. They can seamlessly initiate AR sessions on their devices to streamline workflows.

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