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What are price lists? How are they useful?

A price list is basically a statement or list of prevailing prices of your items issued by you to your customers along with additional information related to it.

Depending on the time of the year, the markets you sell to, the type of customer(returning, new, potential etc.), the type of goods you deal with, the prices of the items in your inventory may vary greatly. To help you identify and control your item prices in a few clicks, we have provided a feature called price lists in Zoho Inventory.

To know how to enable price lists, click Here

To learn more about how to create and manage price lists inside Zoho Inventory, click Here

Note: You can apply a price list to a customer or a sales order of your choice.

Using price lists you can:

  • Mark up or mark down your item prices globally(for all the items in your inventory).
  • Customize your item prices individually by creating a pricelist that allows you to apply special rates for select items while the rest of your items retain their original prices.
  • Create and classify prices based on the scale of the sale or the type of the customer.
  • Reward your returning customers with automatic delightful discounts/negotiated rates.
  • Cover yourself from extra charges/risks incase of priority sales/deliveries.