Consenti ai tuoi team di offrire esperienze clienti connesse

Zoho CRM Plus offre una piattaforma condivisa per consentire ai tuoi team di vendita, assistenza clienti e marketing di collaborare, lavorare sulle interazioni con i clienti e ottenere la visibilità dei dati di cui hanno bisogno tra i vari reparti, per offrire ai clienti esperienze unificate.

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Unifica vendite, marketing e funzioni di assistenza clienti
Panoramica a 360 gradi del cliente
  • Panoramica a 360 gradi del cliente
  • Coinvolgimento omnicanale
  • Collaborazione
  • Gestione dei processi
  • Analytics
  • Intelligenza artificiale avanzata
  • Mobile
  • Amministrazione

Scelto dalle aziende più importanti in tutto il mondo

One of the goals of the project was to reduce costs and replace the functionality of Salesforce. We have absolutely replaced all functionality of Salesforce with the CRM Plus product, and we are saving at least $200,000 a year, company-wide."

Jarrett McAlicher

Senior Business Analyst, Atlantic Tactical

"Zoho CRM Plus implementation for our business was critical in addressing the changing market dynamics. Flexibility, scalability, and a 360-degree view of the customer are vital features of the platform."

Umesh Padala

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Star Health Insurance

"After Zoho, our sales and lead processes are far more automated than they used to be, and to me that's gold. I'd encourage other business owners to look at Zoho because there is far more under the hood than you may think there is."

Paul Crawford

General Manager, JD Security

"It's amazing to have so many essential features in a single platform, it allows us to see the complete life cycle of our customers, automate processes, and save time."

Tatiana Rozo

Marketing Coordinator, Ciel Ingenio para la Vida

"There was very little training and change management required because the system essentially mirrored whatever we had on Salesforce and I found that the CRM Plus subscription offered so much more at a price point which was really competitive."

Irza Fauzan Suprapto

Director, Industry Platform Pte Ltd