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What is an Industrial IoT solution?

The amalgamation of machines, processes, and production to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyse real-time sensor data to perform advanced analytics and deliver meaningful shop-floor insights.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the integration of advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and robotics for enhanced manufacturing automation and connectivity in industrial processes.

Why do you need IIOT?

IIoT, an easy to scale and quick to deploy platform can empower your enterprise to:
  • Derive insights from real time data
  • Monitor your machines proactively and prevent down-time
  • Drive rapid and continuous value for your manufacturing unit.
  • Leverage vertical expertise across your shop floor to stay ahead of competition
  • Improve shop floor efficiency and save costs

How do I get started?

  • Drop your details in our Request Demo form.
  • Our next step would be visiting your site to understand your requirements better and analyse your existing hardware.
  • Our team of experts will schedule a demo call to walk you through our platform and solutions.
  • After analysis, we will propose a solution to best fit your requirements.

Intelligent factory automation crafted for your shop floor

Industry 4.0 is just a click away. From monitoring one machine to automating your entire factory, we got you covered. Explore expansive IIOT solutions across multiple verticals now.

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Construction & Building material
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Machine & equipment
  • Medical device
  • Appliance
  • Electronics
  • Automotive parts
Discrete Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal & steel
  • Glass
  • Textile
  • Adhesives & Paints
Process Manufacturing
Intelligent factory automation crafted for your shop floor
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Make your machines & processes efficient with real-time factory insights

A sneak peek into the world of Zoho IIoT

A sneak peek into the world of Zoho IIoT
  • Seamless machine connectivity

    Supporting multiple brands and protocols for data collection at scale from legacy and new machines, ranging from one to few hundred units facilitating actionable insights.

  • Collect data from devices & controllers

    Plug and play universal data collection for PLCs, SCADA, MES supporting MODBUS, OPC/UA, RTU, Ethernet IP and proprietary connectors to any third party systems through your own gateway or custom gateways.

  • Type of data

    Data types include Custom Sensor Values, Machine Status, Modes, Alarms, Overrides, Load, Speeds, Feeds, PMC parameters, Diagnostics, and more.

  • High Frequency data collection

    Utilize real-time data collection at a high frequency (1 KHz) from specific CNC controls for immediate input into machine learning models.

  • Configure & Manage sensors

    Improve your system by integrating external sensors or connecting older equipment using digital and analog input/output. Remotely configure and oversee sensors through an intuitive web interface.

  • Brands we support
  • Protocols we support
A sneak peek into the world of Zoho IIoT
  • Edge Computing

    With Zoho EdgeX edge-computing, allow localised actions and data filtering for refined & relevant data transfer for analytics. Diagnose problems or deploy updates to the Edge without requiring an on-site visit.

  • Aggregate data with ultimate security

    Aggregate collected data from multiple data sources to create a comprehensive dataset. Our platform ensures secure, scalable infrastructure for manufacturing data with regular security updates and user-friendly data management tools.

  • Telemetry to reports

    Harmonize diverse equipment data for consistent reporting and AI based analytics. Examples include Custom Sensor Values, Machine Status, Alarms, Loads, Speeds, and more.

  • Remote management

    Site visits are tedious. We hear you! Remotely manage and control all your machines now through Zoho EdgeX edge computing. Implement changes at the click of a button no matter where you are.

  • Secure cloud integration & Storage

    Using HTTPS/MQTT protocols, securely stream and store data from edge to the Zoho IOT cloud infrastructure enabling swift and scalable data access.

A sneak peek into the world of Zoho IIoT
  • Integrate with other applications & APIs

    Effortlessly integrate machine data into your digital factory by connecting with existing shop floor systems. Use of REST APIs will enable integration with CRM, ERP, BI tools, and other factory applications

  • Create workflows

    Establish rule-based workflows for shop floor data, including machine conditions and performance metrics, triggering actions by factory workers or automating system responses.

  • Real time insights

    Provide service managers and technicians with status updates on equipment health through real time and historical condition monitoring. Enable preventative maintenance by getting notified on any anomalies with colour coded severity.

  • Integrate AI and analytics

    With deep analytics provided by performance reports, identify bottlenecks, OEE, machine utilization and downtime history. Gain visibility and actionable insights on every production line throughout your enterprise.

  • Build your own IIOT solutions

    Develop your own apps with customized UI, join it with 3rd-party applications such as quality or inventory, customize stake holder visuals and roles, and extend the current modules with various use cases.

  • Machine Monitoring
  • Production Line monitoring
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Shifts & Jobs Allocation
  • Maintenance & SLA
  • Quality Analysis
  • Asset & Inventory Tracking
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Utilities Monitoring
  • Safety & Control

Single destination to achieve holistic shop-floor automation mastery

Machine Monitoring

Hawk-eye view of high capex machines

Monitor machines in real time (CNC, robotic arm, SWISS, precision etc) to maximize efficiency

Condition monitoring

Real time data on health and performance of industrial equipment

Machine performance

Analyse speed, output, energy consumption, and health indicators to optimize performance

Machine uptime/downtime

Monitoring intervals where the machine is operational (uptime) and non-operational (downtime) to minimise disruptions.

Machine utilization

Measuring the actual operation time over scheduled available hours to optimize production schedules

Asset operations

Monitor real time performance of assets to optimize operations

Usage patterns

Analyse machine usage patterns for optimised shift allocations and performance

Production Line Performance

Reduce downtime for production efficiency

Streamline operations with proactive monitoring for enhanced productivity and quality control.

Line stoppages

Provide insights on the causes, durations, and frequency of interruptions.

Cycle time

Analyse duration it takes for a specific task to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows

Planned vs Actual Yield

Draw comparisons between expected vs actual output to assess the effectiveness of production planning and enhance overall yield and efficiency.

Reject rate

Percentage of manufactured products or components that do not meet the specified quality standards to intervene quick decision-making

Production downtime

Insights into the reasons for interruptions, their durations, and their impact on overall operational efficiency to reduce unplanned downtime.

Operator efficiency

Real time data on operator activities, performance metrics, and task completion rates to enhance productivity.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE for ultimate machine utilization

Combine availability, performance efficiency, and quality yield to trace your factory’s production quality over time.

Equipment effectiveness

Analysis of how well industrial equipment is utilized in terms of availability, performance, and quality

Production bottlenecks

Monitor intervals in the manufacturing process where the flow of output is constrained or slowed down, leading to a decrease in overall efficiency.


Analyze OEE performance of industrial equipment against established standards or industry best practices to identify areas for improvement and set performance targets.

Asset performance

Real-time data on the health, condition, and usage of assets to assess performance


Efficiency and output achieved in industrial operations for optimized workflows and energy efficiency


Track assets that are operational and ready to perform their intended functions during a specific time period to plan scheduled maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

Shifts & Jobs Allocation

Keep track on shifts, jobs and resources all at once

Ensure optimal coordination of worker and machine shift by analysing both key components. Identify the shift that works best in terms of energy consumption and productivity.

Real time shift data

Continuous monitoring, analysis, and reporting of operational information during specific work shifts in industrial settings

Resource allocation

Distribution and optimization of resources, such as manpower, machinery, and materials to improve overall productivity.

Job cards

Digital records that contain detailed information about a specific task, job, or work order to enhance visibility and streamline operations.

Shift scheduling

Automate work shifts for personnel and machines to optimize resource deployment

Time and attendance management

Optimize the tracking of employees' work hours and attendance to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance

Workforce efficiency

Optimize labour to enhance overall productivity and pave way for collaboration

Production planning

Coordinate resources, tasks, and schedules to achieve targets

Idle time vs Productive time

Draw analysis on machine idle time and productive time to enable timely interventions and predictive maintenance

Maintenance & SLA

Condition monitoring, Predictive maintenance & work orders

Automate tasks in a jiffy and reduce maintenance costs with Zoho IIOT's digital cruise. Detect early signs of downtime and schedule maintenance proactively.

Remote asset condition monitoring

Analyse real-time data on the health and performance of industrial assets from anywhere

Predictive maintenance

Proactively prevent equipment failures to enhance efficiency and extend the life span of assets.

Mobile work orders

Digital access to detailed work instructions, asset information, and task assignments to enhance execution.

Scheduled/planned maintenance based on machine health

Proactively schedule maintenance based on machine health to improve reliability, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance history

Record data and documentation of all maintenance activities to optimize production and resource allocation

Asset repository

Provide a holistic view of assets, facilitating data-driven decision-making and optimising maintenance strategies.

Asset lifecycle management

End-to-end management of industrial assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from acquisition and installation to operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning or replacement

Automate approvals

Enable workflow automation, user authentication, conditional approvals and more.

Roles & authorisation

Define and manage the access levels and permissions of individuals or entities within the factory

Quality Analysis

Where precision meets standards

Create quality benchmarks & safe measures while ensuring regulatory compliance - with ISO standards, FDA regulations, and ITAR.

Equipment health

Enable real-time monitoring of the condition and performance of machinery

Production yield

Measure the quantity and quality of output achieved in industrial processes relative to the inputs to maintain high quality standards.


Track and record the entire production history of products, making it easier to identify and address quality issues

Compliance to regulations & standards

Build trust, minimize legal and regulatory risks by complying to standards.

Material composition

Accurately monitor composition of materials to keep a check on quality standards

Defect analysis

Analyse abnormalities in production to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency.

Asset & Inventory Tracking

Trace assets & stocks from source to shelf

Provides real-time insights & unified visibility to prevent theft or losses, maximize asset utilisation, and optimize their role in processes.

Asset identification

Use of attributes and methods to uniquely identify an asset and enhance overall asset visibility and facilitate effective maintenance

Location tracking

Track location of assets with GPS, BLE, RFID and more to improve logistics and enhance safety


Keep an eye on stock availability to optimize stock levels, reduce the risk of stock-outs or overstock situations, enhance order fulfilment processes, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Maintenance and service history

Record data and documentation of all maintenance & service activities to optimize production and resource allocation

Utilisation analysis

Optimize the usage and management of industrial inventory for accurate order fulfilment and reduction of holding costs.

Geo fencing

Location-based technology to create virtual boundaries or geographical zones that trigger specific actions when industrial assets, equipment, or personnel enter or exit these predefined areas.

Energy & Sustainability

Optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions

Monitor and control energy consumption of industrial infrastructure equipment (HVAC, DG, AHU, Chiller, Compressor, etc.) and production machines.

Energy consumption pattern

Enable data driven approach to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and contribute to sustainability goals

Carbon emission

Measure, track, and manage the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.

Waste generation

Real-time insights on the volume and types of industrial waste to minimize waste and enhance environmental awareness.

Renewable energy integration

Integrate renewable energy sources to your existing layout and be one step closer to protect the environment.

Environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature and more

Measure air quality, noise, temperature and more.

Measurement & verification

Measure and verify the performance and efficiency of industrial processes to validate energy savings, process improvements, and other KPIs.

AI prediction & forecast

Analyse historical and real-time data of energy consumption, demand, and production to optimize energy management.

Utilities Monitoring

Unlock saving potential with smart utilities

Acquires, manages, and reports vital data from Power/Water/Gas meters such as voltage, velocity, pressure, leakage, etc.

Power quality

Track voltage stability, frequency, harmonic distortion to maintain efficiency and prevent potential issues.

Water Usage

Monitor water consumption at various points within industrial facilities, providing real-time data on consumption.

Gas flow and pressure

Measure the flow rates and pressure levels of gases in various parts

Leak detection

Early detection of water leaks or anomalies, preventing water wastage and minimising the environmental impact

Demand planning

Monitor real-time energy consumption patterns and fluctuations to plan and meet demands.

Fault management

Proactively monitor, detect, and solve anomalies

Remote monitoring

Monitor energy usage and consumption from anywhere

Safety & Control

For safe & secured manufacturing operations

Continually monitor fire & safety operations constantly- fire extinguishers equipment, fire alarm system, sprinkler system and more for assured safety of tenants.

Sprinkler system status

Monitor status of the sprinkler system to ensure the proper functioning and readiness of the system.

Emergency sirens & lighting

Detect emergencies and enable sirens and lightings to notify tenants.

Temperature monitoring

Monitor anomalies in temperature to ensure timely intervention.

Remote monitoring

Monitor abnormalities from anywhere.

Extinguisher status

Track availability and status of extinguisher to ensure safe and timely intervention.

Smoke sensor detection

Detect smoke and notify tenants on abnormalities


Make your machines & processes efficient with real-time factory insights


Determine the cause & effect, and improve efficiency & predictability

Deliver unprecedented visibility on Machine-wise/Shop-wise/Building-wise energy, health and usage parameters, machine status, production/assembly line performance, maintenance and analytical insights.

‌Seamless Connectivity
Connect with any devices, sensors, machines, and communication protocols irrespective of the brands for a seamless production process.
Automate your shop floor by configuring triggers and actions based on machine or operator data - anomaly detection, machine inactivity, KPIs, line stoppages, etc.
‌‌Smart alerts and notifications
Shortfall in production targets, Unusual rejection occurrences, Machine downtime or breakdown, Allocation of operator tasks, Changes in setup configuration , etc.
Data security & Privacy
Keep your IIOT data and device secure with our built-in device authentication and authorization.
Data Acquisition
Easily collect large scale real time data from traditional machines to modern machines and everything in between.
Intuitive Data Visualization
Create a custom dashboard and interface to keep track of what's happening at your shop floor with pre-built widgets- total output, machine availability, production time, monitor vibration, temperature, etc.
Analytics & Reporting
Track and drill down into your machine data - performance, availability, and quality data to assess your shop floor OEE.
Data Modelling
Define how you want your machine data- performance metrics, conditions, etc. to process and trigger sequence actions.
‌Business App Integrations
Connect factory floor systems like ERP's, billing, helpdesk, or any other application of your choice to improve inventory management, job scheduling, etc.
Mobile App
Develop a custom mobile app to gain a competitive advantage through data-driven metrics and help manufacturers get the most out of the equipment.

Harness the potential of your manufacturing operations



  • Asset life cycle
  • Machine efficiency
  • Revenue


  • Operator retention
  • Machine performance
  • Quality of product


  • Machine utilisation
  • Maintenance cycles
  • Production


  • Your Business
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Workforce efficiency

Reduce -

  • Downtime/breakdown.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Maintenance/replacement costs.
IIoT partner program

Envision, Unite, Prosper

We hold the belief that a prosperous journey towards Industrial transformation commences by fostering a collaborative partner ecosystem. This ecosystem comprises partners who can amalgamate distinct skill sets to generate incremental value for customers in the discrete manufacturing sector.

Make your machines & processes efficient with real-time factory insights

Look what our partners say about us


We are humbled and excited to be part of a future-facing product like Zoho IOT and we could in a small way put our honest efforts to drive Zoho IOT adoption in the industry. As catalysts to transform “Factories as a Product” which is our personal vision, we see that Zoho IOT is at the cusp of growth and adoption.

Contracts Bundle
Purushothaman TGR

Zoho IoT is an incredibly powerful platform for developing illimitable custom IoT solutions for their unique requirements. The platform accelerates time to market, swift development, and maximizes profits. Zoho IoT offers multi-vertical solutions catering to a wide range of industries.

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Vishal Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of IIoT in manufacturing processes?

The role of IIoT in manufacturing processes is to enhance efficiency, visibility, and decision-making by connecting devices and systems, enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and automation for optimized operations

2. How IoT is impacting the manufacturing industry?

The IoT has played a major role in transforming the manufacturing industry from asset utilisation to workforce efficiency and asset optimization, etc. Some of the ways in which it impacts are- enhanced data collection and monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality control & productivity, and much more.

3. What are the manufacturing challenges addressed by IIOT?

The IIoT solution addresses end-to-end manufacturing challenges- equipment efficiency and reliability, inventory management, quality control and defect detection, energy efficiency and sustainability, workforce efficiency, shifts & job allocation, and much more.

4. What is the difference between IOT and IIOT?

The IIoT aka Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT, is a subset of IoT that is specifically applicable for manufacturing sectors. It brings devices, machines, and industrial processes together via connectivity to enhance efficiency & productivity in industrial environments.

5. Is it a platform or solution?

It is a platform that serves as the foundation for implementing and customizing the end-to-end capabilities—enabling it to address every facet of the digital transformation journey.

6. Can Zoho IIOT be retrofitted in existing infrastructure?

Certainly, Zoho IIoT can be perfectly retrofitted in your existing infrastructure without having any need to ripe & replace it.

7. How can I implement Zoho IIOT in my manufacturing unit?

To implement the IIoT platform in your manufacturing unit, get in touch with our technical experts while allowing them to evaluate your manufacturing unit's current infrastructure, existing equipment, sensors, and communication systems. Helping us understand how our product aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

8. How can I be a Zoho IIOT solution partner?

To become our solution partner, click on the partner enquiry button and fill out the form. Our team will get in touch with you ASAP.

9. Who can be Zoho IIOT partners?

Anyone who is willing to kickstart the IoT journey and fall under any of the brackets- system integrators, resellers, hardware partners, implementation partners, MSPs, or solution providers.

10. Can I customize the Zoho IIOT solution to my customers' requirements?

Certainly! Zoho IIoT is an end-to-end customizable solution allowing you to cater your customer's requirements by bundling any type of hardware and third-party applications.

Kickstart your Industrial Machine Monitoring with Zoho IOT

Make your machines & processes efficient with real-time factory insights