Indoor Air Quality Solution

Trace and unveil the air pollutants with an IAQ monitoring solution

Assess toxic and hazardous pollutants around the clock with an IAQ solution. Keep an eye on real-time ambiance conditions and generate alerts every time a parameter hits the hazardous zone.


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IoT platform and solutions for your connected business

Coherent real-time visualization for a healthy environment—simplified

Coherent real-time visualization for a healthy environment- simplified

Ensure a healthy environment for every occupant

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Communities
  • Hospitals
Healthy environment for healthy minds

Healthy environments for healthy minds

Exposure to air pollutants in schools affects the overall health and well-being of the children. It can have the following impacts:

  • Affects academic performance
  • Causes asthma and allergies
  • Increases respiratory issues
Did you know Did you know :

Students miss 14 million school days per year due to bad air quality and indoor pollutants.

Fresh workspaces, productive teams

Fresh workspaces, productive teams

High levels of contaminants in the air of an office space can hinder morale and job satisfaction and can make employees feel neglected. It can have the following impacts:

  • Affects productivity
  • Harms cognitive functions
  • Go against regulatory compliance
Did you know Did you know :

Facts: 57% of offices have "sick building syndrome" (SBS), which causes respiratory issues.

Breathe easily, shop happily

Breathe easily, shop happily

VOCs and other chemicals found in malls cause long-term health problems in people. IAQ is highly recommended in crowded places. It can have the following impacts:

  • Cause unpleasant odors
  • Affects compliance and reputation
  • Lead to mold and moisture issues
Did you know Did you know :

Facts: More than 40% of shopping malls have average CO2 levels above the 1,000 ppm of the standard.

From clear air to caring communities

From clear air to caring communities

Indoor concentrations of some pollutants can adversely cause short-term and long-term effects, including the following:

  • Affects comfort and satisfaction
  • Causes mold growths in different areas
  • Can lead to potential legal issues
Did you know Did you know :

Facts: The quality of indoor air can be 100X more polluted than outside.

Breathe easy, recover faster

Breathe easy, recover faster

Poor air quality in hospitals increases the risk of infections in visitors and staff.

  • Reduced healing and recovery
  • Higher energy cost
  • Impaired respiratory health in people
Did you know Did you know :

Poor IAQ is responsible for an estimated 6.7 million deaths globally.

How does IAQ work?

Go from concept to reality with indoor air quality monitoring.

IoT platform and solutions for your connected business

Holistic IAQ solutions: Where tech meets health

IoT-enabled smart indoor air quality monitoring solutions measure AQI and trigger automatic alerts and notifications based on the parameters and number of people specified.

  • Real-time IAQ monitoring
  • Instantly respond to IAQ alerts
  • Intuitive dashboard visualisation
  • Custom IAQ Reports
  • HVAC Command and control
  • Integration & interoperability

Real-time IAQ monitoring

Choose any IAQ sensor and Zoho IOT will integrate with it to monitor all the crucial parameters like humidity, temperature, CO2, CH4, SO2, VOCs, and more to create a safe and optimal living environment.

Real-time IAQ monitoring

Instantly respond to IAQ alerts

Set custom alerts and push notifications to trigger events based on the specific zone and location once the thresholds are hit. Receive SMS or emails beforehand.

Instantly respond to IAQ alerts

Intuitive dashboard visualization

Create your custom dashboard to view real-time and historical data to share reports and show insights that matter to you and your team.

Intuitive dashboard visualisation

Custom IAQ Reports

Generate custom automated reports (daily, weekly, or monthly) as a PDF to keep everyone informed about the air quality level in your facilities.

Custom IAQ Reports

HVAC command and control

Control and correlate HVAC mass flow versus CO2 levels to adjust ventilation as per the requirement of the occupants and space.

HVAC Command and control

Integration and interoperability

Connect any sensors or hardware device to our IAQ application and integrate them with your existing systems to ensure a healthy environment for your occupants.

Integration & interoperability

Case Studies

Zoho IOT- IAQ Solution

A leading SI in Australia has used Zoho IOT- IAQ Solution to reduce the risk of airborne pollutants transmission and promote a healthy environment in Schools.

Zoho IOT- IAQ Solution

Zoho IOT Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution for one of the most luxurious sites in Dubai to keep a check on the temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, particulate matter, etc. for better environmental conditions.

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Zoho IOT's IAQ solution offers a one-stop indoor air quality solution to continuously monitor the air quality, CO2 level, and toxic air in educational facilities across the globe.

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Mark Winter

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We support multiple LoRa Network Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IoT-based indoor air quality?

    An IoT-based indoor air quality solution collects data from sensors, devices, gateways, and other smart devices to monitor and manage multiple air quality parameters within a building. It also enables remote monitoring and control of indoor environments to have a healthier life.

  • How can an IoT-based indoor air quality solution help improve air quality?

    An IoT-based solution provides real-time data and insights into the environment to help admins take crucial steps to improve air quality. This includes sending a notification if the CO2 level or VOC concentration is high, alerting you to open the building ventilation; monitor temperature or humidity; and more.

  • Is an IoT-based indoor air quality solution expensive to implement?

    The cost of implementing IoT-based indoor air quality solutions can vary depending on the deployment scale, business requirements, and complexity of the system. The price range differs for every business; you can get in touch with our team to know the commercials.

  • How do I choose which sensor to use?

    To choose an appropriate sensor for your facility, click on and fill out the "Request demo" form, and our team will get in touch with you ASAP.

  • Can I get a hands-on experience before purchasing?

    Yes, you can request a demo and get a POC done to see how effective it can be in real time, and take a look at the complete functionalities of the application.

  • Can I customize the IAQ solution to my customers' requirements?

    Sure. You can customize the IAQ solution as per your business requirements like sensor combination, communication protocol, alarm notification, reports, and much more.

  • How will I be charged for IAQ monitoring?

    You will be charged for the software based on the monthly subscription fee you are opting for. Apart from the software, if you require any additional service, you will be charged.

  • For how many years can I use the IAQ solution?

    You can decide the number of years you would like to use our solution. You can opt for the pricing package based on your requirements.

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