Zoho Invoice


How does this Razorpay - Zoho Invoice integration work?

Here is a basic process flow of how the product will work:

  1. The customer signs up on your platform for the service and selects a plan for a timely subscription.
  2. At the time of the first payment, he fills up the card details and agrees to apply recurring payment through a checkbox.
  3. If the customer has an Indian issued credit card, the first transaction will go through a standard 2FA flow (OTP / Mastercard Secure password / Verified by Visa Password)
  4. If an international customer, the transaction will go through without 2FA.
  5. Through backend APIs, at the initiation of the transaction, you can let us know transaction characteristics like amount, schedule and the duration of the recurring plan.
  6. On the specified date, we automatically debit (without any intervention from the customer) the specified amount from the customer’s credit card and send them a confirmation of the same.
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